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Aug 27, 2012 09:55 AM

Bulk instant yeast

Any idea where I can pick instant dry yeast in bulk, in 1 lb. packages, etc? Costco has active dry yeast for dirt cheap, but I'd like to avoid needing to do that extra step of bringing water to 100-110 degrees.

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  1. Do you know somebody with a Restaurant Depot / Jetro card?

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      I just googled it and saw 1 lb packages of SAF online for about $6 plus shipping. I could go with that if nothing is available around here ...

    2. I get mine at Smart and Final.

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        Yes, I get brick packages of saf-instant "red" at S&F. Good yeast -- it has never failed me, and it seems to keep for a long time (a year or more) in the fridge.

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            $3.59/lb. for saf instant yeast

            Smart & Final Store #351
            350 Seventh Avenue
            between Geary Blvd. & Clement Street
            San Francisco CA 94118

          2. You don't need the water to be 100 or 110 degress. Just get it warm coming out of the tap and proof it up in a little water with a tsp of honey or sugar.

            A pound of yeast is a lot of yeast for home use. How much baking do you plan on doing? Safeway has good yeast in the jar and packets for cheap.

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              I just add the yeast to my flour with no proofing needed.. The yeast packets are 2 1/4 teaspoon and weight about .25oz. making most about $60 a pound. 2 pounds at Costco or 1 pound at Smart and Final cost between 2 and 4 dollars a pound. The stuff is kept in the icebox and is usually best by a year or two away.

              1. re: DillMuncher

                I'm planning to split a pound with a few others, all for home use. The last time we did that using active-dry yeast at Costco, we didn't come anywhere near finishing the pound, but it was only ~$3 and we never had to trek back to a store to get more packets.

                Everything I've read has said you need to rehydrate active dry yeast in 100 to 110 degree water. Plus, mixing it with water means one more dish to wash.

                1. re: hyperbowler

                  You haven't read the No Knead Bread recipe. Try an experiment, 1 cup flour, 1 tsp yeast, 1/2 tsp salt,mix add ,1/3 cup water. cover and come back in an hour. It was evening it was morning, 1st rise.

                  1. re: wolfe

                    Heh, one reason I want cheap yeast is so that I can experiment with the "No Knead" recipe with minimal cost for failed loaves.

                    I made two no-knead loaves this weekend, both tasted less yeasty than the dozen or so no-knead loaves I've made in the past. The only identifiable difference is that I'm using packets of instant yeast instead of the bulk active dried yeast from Costco. I'm gonna get instant, but next time I get active dry, I'll try a loaf without putting it in water first.

                    FWIW, in the side by side comparison I did, Cooks Illustrated's "Almost" No Knead retooling is much better than Jim Lahey's original recipe. CI's is smaller, but it has a better flavor thanks to the addition of some vinegar and lager (I use Black Lager), and the crust is even thicker and crunchier.

              2. Fwiw, Whole Foods carries SAF instant in 1 lb packages here in NYC, they might there, too (it's worth a phone call anyway). Around $5 IIRC.

                  1. re: FriedClamFanatic

                    yep me too. I will die with yeast sprinkled on top of me.

                    1. re: readytoslurp

                      Great idea except it's available a Smart and Final for about $4.50 with t 20+ locations in the Bay Area with no shipping cost.