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Aug 27, 2012 09:51 AM

Ibai in San Sebastian: Has anyone been? Cost?

Have read a few glowing reviews, all of which say the place is expensive, none of which bothers to define the term. Anyone have any input?

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  1. I am also curious. Well I've this link here that shows the bill for 5 person and it looks pretty expensive indeed. http://observaciongastronomica.blogsp...

    I also heard that there's no menu and the menu is recited at the table in Spanish, making its really intimidating for non English speakers.

    And finally, I heard there's a pintxo bar at the front of the restaurant but I think there is a completely different menu up there. I am actually most keen on trying out their kokotxas, if anyone know any way I can get Ibai to serve their kokotxas at the bar I would be very very grateful!

    1. Walked by several times when in town in July (it has always seemed like an interesting place from reviews, articles and other titbits); frankly, it looked like it had closed down. it may have been on vacation but usually on previous visits there has been some sign of life

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        Well, is there anyone on the ground who can update us?

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          Walked by today and it was open...empty but open.

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              Thanks Mrs M; apologies everyone if I misled

        2. No, not especially expensive - about E175 for two but there is no menu and no prices so have to hold your breath a bit. It is a remarkable place - one of the greatest meals I had anywhere in 2012

          1. I know this is an older thread but while scraping Andy Hayler's site I came across his enthusiastic review of Ibai so I thought I'd pass along the link for the next chap who does a search for it on this particular board.

            Short summary, he rates it 18/20, which is probably higher than his average Michelin 3* rating.

            Here's how he summed it up:

            "To discover a restaurant like this, which is barely mentioned in guides and has no Michelin star, was like walking into a dream, and a very nice dream at that. I kept having to pinch myself as dish after dish turned out to be of the very highest product quality imaginable. The cooking is simple, but why would you want to distract from ingredients like this? The chef's job should be to let the produce speak for itself, and this was certainly the case here. The quality of the ingredients here would shame many three star Michelin restaurants, and although the setting and the cooking are straightforward, it is a delight to eat food of this quality."