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Aug 27, 2012 08:46 AM

Samsung Refrigerator Problems

I purchased a new Samsung french door refrigerator in Jan 2010. In late June of this year we heard a banging sound coming from the unit and called Samsung. I was advised to turn off the unit and let the cooling coils defrost. So after 2 or more hours, I restarted the unit and the banging ceased.

But a new problem surfaced. The bottom of the refrigerator was covered with water and there were dead gnats in the water. After three weeks waiting for A & E to show up, the tech said it needed new parts which he ordered. Two weeks later he showed up to install the parts and within one day there was more water on the bottom.

Today was the fourth call for the same problem and I am just about ready to explode. More parts have been ordered and there is no explanation why there is water on the bottom or why there are dead gnats on the bottom.

I am just about ready to push it to the street and give it away. Any suggestions?

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  1. I had a Samsung with the freezer on the bottom purchased in 2009. The water problem happened about twice a year. There is a panel at the back of the interior of the fridge. Once removed the technician would defrost the line with boiling water and a blow drier. Once it was clear he would pour a little bleach down it and then flush that out with water. After the second time I started dealing with the repair myself. Kind of tedious, but it worked.

    They said it occurred because I had too much in the fridge. Well, it happened a few times when the fridge was pretty empty so I think it is just a flawed product.