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green chili condiment 101 Noodle Express


Went last night to 101 Noodle Express in Arcadia for the first time and had a really good meal. We had the beef roll; pork, leek, and shrimp crispy dumplings; and the minced pork and green bean over hand torn noodles. Everything was tasty, but our favorite dish of the night was that green chili/cilantro condiment that was in a little jar on the table. Does anyone know if there is a name for this? Does anyone know how to make this or at least know what it contains? I could eat this by the spoonful.

  1. I think most feel as you do (me included). It perfectly complements so many dishes there. I particularly like it with the beef roll.

    1. The best I can tell is there is green chili, cilantro, and pickled veggies minced up. It goes great in the soup noodle dishes.

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      1. Does anyone know if 101 noodle offers jars of this for sale?

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          They currently do not. There are days (like this past Sunday) where they run out of the glorious stuff! I remember introducing this green condiment to friends who were dining at 101 Noodle Express for the first time and when we finished our food, one of them just started scooping it onto his plate and eating it as if it were a salad!

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            Geez, they could make a fortune by selling it as the world's first canned salad.

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            We once asked to pack some to go with our leftovers but the owner refused, even after we offered to pay for it.

          3. It's called suan tsai (sour vegetables) and it's meant to be used in the beef noodle soup. But hey, if it tastes good on the beef roll and dumplings too, knock yourself out.

            Mr Taster

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                Now that's some real creativity. Shows a good open mind about food.

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                  Add it to a Sabrett's kosher dog and you have the lower east side on a bun.

                  Mr Taster

              2. Here's a link to a Chow discussion and recipes for "Suan Tsai"or "Tzai Tsai" Chinese pickled condiment: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/646226

                My question for you that know the authentic tastes, what substitute green can I use to get a good result, if I can't find mustard greens? Searching the net gives me the info that Swiss chard and napa cabbage are in the same family, but would they make an acceptable substitution?

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                  Searching the net gives me the info that Swiss chard and napa cabbage are in the same family, but would they make an acceptable substitution?


                  I would use Romaine lettuce, believe or not. Just the green leafy part, not the white stem part.

                2. Thanks for all the passionate responses! I will play with the ingredients this weekend and let you know my results. Truthfully, I can think of nothing more rewarding than tossing a chilled bowl of noodles with this magical green mixture. Or maybe paired with chilled strands of tofu noodles with smoked duck....

                  1. Hi folks, recipes are a bit off topic here, and we're going to ask that everyone move to the thread gypsyjan linked to, http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/646226 on the Home Cooking board, for further discussion. Thanks!