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Aug 27, 2012 08:40 AM

Shepherdstown, WV restaurants

Coming to this nice town this weekend. I searched the boards for recommendations but they are several years old and I'd love some current suggestions.
Any ideas for nice lunches and dinners? American, ethnic, anything interesting..........

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  1. I posted this last month on another Chow board:
    We live in Shepherdstown; I may not be impartial but the restaurants here are better and more varied than most other towns in the area. The Press Room is generally regarded as best and will have seasonal features as well as their standards. The Blue Moon is a great casual place with nice outdoor seating. Bistro 112 is a new-ish spot with French influence. Kazu has excellent Thai and Japanese and Shaharazade's is under new ownership with a wonderful new cook in the kitchen (it is also BYOB - no corkage fee).

    Another new spot is Thirty 6 Prime which is kind of a steakhouse (although not exactly) which I haven't eaten at much but friends have and like it. Mellow Moods is a juice bar which has recently expanded its menu to sandwiches and stays open later. We have two great coffee shops - HypnoCoffee for the unadulterated good stuff without froufrou and the Lost Dog Coffee Shop for great coffee and housemade chai drinks as well as some unforgettable atmosphere.

    Tommy's by the railroad tracks has the best pizza in town (there's not really beer in the dough but it's very good) and Mountaineer Ice Cream has just opened in the little strip mall that's on the edge of town (Princess St.).

    Hope this will get you started.

    1. I went to college in Shepherdstown and go back pretty often. We went to the Yellow Brick Bank this week and it was pretty disappointing. I'd avoid them. Kazu and the Blue Moon Cafe are reliable favorites though. Like Thomas said, the Lost Dog has decent chai. I don't drink coffee but I've never heard anything negative about theirs. Enjoy! Shepherdstown is a fun place to walk around and just people watch.

      1. i live in CharlesTown, just a stones throw from S'town. If you love Italian, there's a very good place in C'town called Mezzaluna. Oddly the chef is from South America, but his soul must be Italian. It's in a small strip mall across from WalMart, but worth the drive. My one complaint is the cooks have a rather heavy hand with the garlic, so if your not a fan tell your server to ask the kitchen to go easy.Also in C'town a new bagelry/bakery has opened called Royalicious. Their sandwiches are killah-so large it's almost hard to get them in your mouth. All breads are baked in house, and their cream chese spreads are as good as you find in NYC-hard to believe in WV, but true.On weekends they bake different Italian breads and pastries, and the lines are out the door.We go there at least once a week and truly believe it's the best sandwich (and the only bagelry) in the WV panhandle.