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Aug 27, 2012 08:05 AM

Cooperstown - What's Good?

Our crew of four adults will visit Cooperstown in September to worship at the Shrine of Baseball. Actually, we have one True Believer and three who are happy to go along. Where should we eat breakfast-lunch-dinner? Any German restaurants nearby? Casual, reasonable,
decent places would fill the bill nicely. We will stop at the Shaker Village near Stockbridge first.

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  1. Don't know about the shrine of basball but check out the shrine of Belgian beer.

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    1. re: Dave_in_PA

      ok, I know the draw for Ommegang is the beer, and it is very good. But... the fries are amazing! The steamed muscles were plump and delicious. Beware the long wait, though. Tables sat empty because the kitchen could only go so fast. Service was quick and efficient once we were seated.

      Wish they could have a better bar service for everyone waiting outside, and a shuttle bus from the center of Cooperstown in the summer at least. Would cut down on the inevitable DUI's.

        1. re: CTeater

          Went to Alex & Ika last Thurs. arrived at 1:30 or so, place was empty except for a lone diner and a family w/an infant & 2small boys. We were 4adults w/15 month old twins. It took over an hr to get our food, and the twin's Mac & cheese arrived last. Staff was nice but clueless, gave menus and plates & utensils to the twins. My new york was bubbling over, I wanted to say "I'm not sure what the hold up is but can you at least bring the kids Mac & cheese out" but I was trying to relax and not get annoyed. My med sandwich, when it finally arrived, was boring. The Mac & cheese we finally got to taste was very good, but not worth the wait. Friend's steak sand and pork dsh looked good, also enjoyed the potatoes but still Wish we had gone somewhere
          else w/ better service. So I wouldn't recommend if you are looking to be in and out in less than 1.5 hrs or have small hungry children.

          1. re: jinglejangle

            Food in Cooperstown was disappointing. Alex & Ika just did not live up to the hype. Fine, but nothing special. And our food also came out slow. Otsego Inn food was like a catering hall.

            And what's up with so few New York State wines on the menu? I can get California anywhere.

      1. Blue Mingo Grill is about the best to hope for. There are NO great dining experiences in Cooperstown.

        1. We love Alex & Ika for the smashed fingerling potatoes and the enchiladas. It's very NYC gastropub. The service can be slow, but it's a great leaf season and winter choice & the tiny bar is a nice place to camp with a drink. It's not the best place to go with a crowd or with small children.