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Aug 27, 2012 07:56 AM

Columbus - Any Chowhound views on Mingflower near Polaris

I have booked a banquet meal at Mingflower (formerly but not currently related to Sunflower)
Any experience with this restaurant, pro or con?


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  1. I wound up booking our family style banquet at Mingflower based on detailed recommendations on another site and were very pleased with the delicious and authentic result. We had excellent peking duck ( the skin wrapped in a pancake and a stir fry with bean sprouts), a whole dramatic and delicious steamed pickerel fish, good dry-fried beef chow fun, a range of excellent vegetables for our vegetarians and several other dishes. Service was friendly and we had a nice private room, excellent for the older members of family - we could all hear one another. The 10 dishes were sized appropriately for the group so that everyone could have some of each, and the bill was extremely moderate.

    There is a chinese language banquet menu as well but in the end I did not need to order from this, Im sure that the other north/northwest places could have done very well also (I talked to Sunflower and Panda Inn) but they could not accommodate our group on that night. We were very please with MIngflower.