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Aug 27, 2012 07:55 AM

Travelers Checks

Has anybody used or tried to use traveler's checks at a restaurant? When I went to Maine last month a bunch of places wouldn't take them, (including a Motel 6.) When I went to a Bank to cash some of them one wouldn't, (First Credit Union Of Aroostook very small I admit) and other had a hard time doing the transaction, (what is this strange thing you have.) I didn't try to use them at a Restaurant. On my next trip I'm puting more cash on my debit card.

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  1. I haven't used them in over 10 years. I've never used them in the US, but it seems to me they are going by way of the dinosaur.

    1. It's many years since I've used them. Much more convenient to use my card to pay for things or to draw cash from an ATM.

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        When I'm traveling in the US I rarely even use an ATM -- I put large purchases on a card, and for walking around cash, I'll get cash back when I make a purchase at a drug store or grocery store. I can always think of something I need to buy at CVS!

      2. the only time we get traveler's checks is when we go to the caribbean, and then we cash them in at the hotel desk or at the bank for local currency. We rarely try to use them for a purchase - too many people just don't accept them any more!

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          The only country that I've visited where travellers cheques could be used as currency to make purchases is America.

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            on St. Lucia they take US currency as well as EC - you just have to be aware of the exchange rate. When we first started visiting there we did use the TCs for purchases, but mostly in the Duty Free shopping areas, not in the local market.

        2. I've not travelled overseas in 15 years, but I recall things shifting in the 1996-97 timeframe, as ATMs became more international (and cheaper).

          1. Haven't used them in twenty years. I'm surprised they still exist. I am sure they would be a curiousity in most places.

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              yeah, it's becoming increasingly difficult to get them.