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Aug 27, 2012 07:52 AM

Anyone been to Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael?

Terrapin Crossroads opened in March but I just now read about it. Replacing the venerable Seafood Peddler off Francisco Blvd East, it's owed by Grateful Dead rocker Phil Lesh with food by chef Chris Fernandez. It certainly slipped by me.

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  1. I love the Grateful Dead. Have been to Terrapin crossroads two times for concerts. The last time we went we were pressed for time and were not able to go to the restaurant. The previous time we ate there. Shared a pizza, a salad and a grilled sausage sandwich. The food was all very good and fresh. Good beer selection also. The location and setting are very nice.

    1. I went once with friends just for drinks and it's a very nice place. Phil plays fairly often in the bar for free so check the website for free bar gigs. I haven't eaten there but the reports are generally favorable.

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        >Phil plays fairly often in the bar for free so check the website for free bar gigs.<

        Wound those be the "Terrapin Family Band Bar Show" items on the calendar?

        1. re: Malcolm Ruthven

          Sorry to be so long in replying, Malcolm. The Terrapin Family Band is usually just Phil's sons and a some others. The TFB does not include Phil most of the time.

          1. re: Andrew H

            What does the website say when Phil is gong to play in the bar for free?

      2. A friend and I went for dinner last night (my first time). I was very impressed by the place itself. Modern but comfortable, a "buzz" from the people there but not overly noisy at all, a varied crowd, and lots of space between tables; I do mean lots, amazing is this day of mostly-crowded-together tables. Friend had the rotisserie chicken and said it was fine I had the penne with lamb ragu, again quite fine if a bit bland for my taste. Service couldn't have been better. I'm looking forward to going back, next time with a camera along.

        1. Chef shuffle reported in Inside Scoop two days ago:

          1. We went for brunch on Saturday and I was quite impressed. It has to be the largest and nicest restaurant I have seen in a long time, with multiple spaces for lounging and lots of room between tables. It is also probably the most kid-friendly restaurant I know, with a long (and good) kid's menu and crayons at the tables, and a train table and games in the lounge area. The sound system is great too, with a Comal-like atmosphere (we could easily hear the live band at brunch and our own conversation). Had good oysters and a solid biscuits and gravy. The french toast and crab benedict were good as well. Servicable beer list and good bloody marys. Wine list could be better.