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Aug 27, 2012 07:06 AM

Austin in September

Hi -

My wife and I will be travelling to Austin in Mid September and spending 4 nights. We are looking for restaurant reccs -

We are from Vermont and foodies....

Not looking for sushi, or something that I can get up in the NE, but rather more of a Southwest flavor (ie Tex-Mex, or BBQ, or nouvelle Austin if it exists). Also willing to drive.

Would love recomendations for dinner and lunch, dives or expensive, price or atmosphere not an object but the food is. Not good waiting in line (ie Franklins is out...). We are staying at the Hotel San Jose on S. Congress but will have a car.

Thanks for your help..

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  1. Aside from the obvious, e.g., Yelp, Urbanspoon, Gayot, NY Times, take a look at

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      this is an interesting list, but the poster won't get to see the top 20 before they get here

    2. For BBQ I'd skip spending hours in line at Franklin and drive to Luling or Taylor. Great BBQ and more of a Texas experience. For Mexican I'd suggest that Mexican is about as broad as Italian. I'd seek out some great tacos. I am partial to the Carnitas tacos at Angie's. I am not touching the enchiladas debate. There are good moles. I am partial to both El Chile and Las Palomas. las Palomas also has very nice Mexican seafoof offerings. Breakfast options I like include Juan in a Million or Ciscos. Taco Deli on Spyglass has great breakfast tacos and people watching. Tons of great trailers. I like the Mighty Cone. The lowly burger is treated quite differently in Texas from the northeast. I'd try Shady Grove for a green chili burger and for a nondesigner burger more typical of Texas I'd try Fran's, Sandy's, or (best of the bunch IMHO) Phil's.

      1. You have to go to Barley Swine on S. Lamar for dinner. It is incredible!!! No reservations, but you can go next door to Henri's & have a glass of wine or you can leave & wait for their text letting you know your seat is ready. I would request sitting at the bar so you can watch the action.

        I would also suggest Uchiko. Although they serve sushi, they also serve so much more. Check out the menu on line & see what you think.

        For interior Mexican, check out Fonda San Miguel. For a more casual restaurant, go to Curra's on Oltorf off of S. Congress. Their breakfast tacos are really good, fresh and they have a wonderful tortilla soup.

        Have a good time while in Austin. Let us know what you try.

        1. Take a quick drive over to South First St., which runs parallel to Congress Ave., where your hotel is. J. Mueller's BBQ is amazing. Also, the Bouldin Creek Food Park has an assortment of trailers: Phatso's Cheesesteaks, Little Thai Food, Soco To Go (southern comfort food), and Wasota African Cuisine (Nigerian). Great food venue.