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Aug 27, 2012 07:06 AM

Mamma Maria, Marco, or Grill 23 for Restaurant Week Dinner?

Going to Boston in a few days and have reservations for o ya on Saturday, but looking for a restaurant week dinner location for Friday, the last day of restaurant week. If I can get No 9 Park or Meritage I'll probably go there but they are booked right now. Which of Mamma Maria, Marco, or Grill 23 would you recommend for Restaurant Week? Or is there another great RW option? I looked at the menus for Taranta, Radius and Aquitane and wasn't hooked. Would like to stay in Boston as we don't have a car. For cuisine, prefer Italian, Steak/Seafood, or maybe contemporary American/French. And obviously, somewhere that's a good deal.

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  1. Mamma Maria was good.
    Don't get the meatball appetizer (dry veal meatballs)-: The oysters were good though a bit too much lemon flavor.
    The mushroom ravioli was good but more like an appetizer portion. The swordfish was good...

    1. vs, there are a LOT of RW posts right now. I'd suggest doing a 'RW' search and a 'restaurant week' search or two in the upper right corner of this page. Market, locke ober, grill 23 have been written up.