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Aug 27, 2012 06:56 AM

Austria fine dining restaurants

I am looking for top fine dining restaurants with innovative cuisine with a no more than 90 minutes travel journey by car from Wien. The purpose is to plan a gourmet trip. So, based on your perceptions, I would like to have some advice, regarding the following restaurants: Landhaus Bacher, Hanner and Taubenkobel. Should I consider another restaurant? Any to be considered in Slovakia (Bratislava area)?

For Wien itself and besides Steirereck, I am tempted to experiment Mraz & Sohn. Do you think it is the best choice or should I try other?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Landhaus Bacher, Hanner and Taubenkogel are considered to be top choices. They also differ in their style of cuisine and therefore will quite sure deliver a great experience if consumed as part of a trip.

    When visiting Vienna Steirereck is a must, no question, but instead of Mraz&Sohn I would suggest something less high-end, something more informal, such as either Zum Finsteren Stern, Freyenstein or RudiĀ“s Beisl, or something really old and venerable, such as Anna Sacher. You have to take into account that Vienna lost its quality restaurant scene as a result of the "crisis". This is the only consequence visible, the Austrian economy is still growing, employment is high and people spend a lot of money on apparel, cars, furnishings, as well as on food and drink. Only business people cannot splurge as much as before, and so all the nice high-end places are closing for good...

    One more thing: Maybe you should extend your gourmet trip to the Wachau valley. The local scenery is spectacular, and the local winegrowers offer more than just decent food and housing, just check the recent topic:

    1. If you desire 'innovative' I support your choice of Mraz & Sohn. I described it as the most 'exciting' place I ate at in Wien. The food is a bit hit & miss and service is very casual. but some of the ideas on the 'plate' are pretty good.
      Certainly it's a bit of a rollercoaster - but you get the thrills as well.

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        Sturni, I am a Portuguese living in Madrid, so I am totally aware of what "crisis" is...
        Many thanks for your recommendations. I will look at them.

        estufarian, many thanks for your advice.

        Do you think it is worth looking at Silvio Nickol restaurant? What one should expect from a meal there?

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          Silvio Nickol is mainly one thing: extremely expensive.

          We have often visited Palais Coburg when Christian Petz was still the chef, but have not yet found a reason to try Silvio Nickol. A good friend - who is a chef himself - was there, invited by a wealthy friend, and told us that spending 400 Euro per person (8 course menu 168,- and the rest for drinks and wine) was not worth the experience.

          Silvio Nickol may be considered an international style nouvelle cuisine experience in the style of the 90s. When coming to Vienna you might prefer a more Austrian experience, not something you might also get in London, Dubai or Singapore. As frequently mentioned, the best value for your money is the 8 course tasting menu at Freyenstein for Euro 39,- ...

          1. re: Sturmi

            Sturmi, I wanted to thank you for your invaluable suggestions for our vacation in Vienna.

            Steirereck was without doubt the highlight of the trip. Before Steirereck, I was uncertain about the marked distinction between a Michelin good *, ** and ***. Steirereck made the distinction abundantly clear especially between the * and **. It is one of the finest restaurants, I have had the good fortune to eat at. It rates very highly on the 3 dimensions of food, service and comfort. I also wonder if it is because the restaurant is linked to the Relais & Chateaux chain that the service and comfort factors rated higher than the *** restaurants I have eaten at.

            Meirei, was a disappointment. While the lunch menu on Sunday offers value, the food quality was average. It does not compare favorably with a Bib Gourmand restaurant. Also, we found that Noveli at lunch offered good quality for its price point.

            Mraz & Sohn, however was interesting. While the dinner menu was expensive, the food in particular was highly original; as such I understand the varying opinions on the restaurant. With a chef that progressive, you should expect hits and misses with the various courses. Its very progressive food with admirable risk taking. But, I'm not agreeable with the limits placed on bread which was a first!