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Aug 27, 2012 06:38 AM

Is Chef Chang still in Charlottesville?

When last I left the "Where's Chef Chang?" saga, he had left the restaurant he had been working at in Charlottesville, was away for several months, then came back and opened his own place in Charlottesville. That's been several months now, maybe more than a year, and in past iterations, that's been about the time window in which he disappears again.

The reason I ask is that I've got a couple upcoming business trips that might allow detours before or after to get my Chef Chang fix, but before I plan such excursions, I'd like to know the latest. Is he still there? Is he still working up to his prior standards and/or training his staff to the same standards?

Also, any recent reviews of his place would be helpful.

Thanks, all!

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  1. He lives between Richmond and Charlottesville, he has opened a place in Short Pump, and is working on places in Williamsburg and another somewhere near Richmond (downtown? I forget the rumor) but is also sometimes back out in Charlottesville.

    1. Yes - he is still in Charlottesville with his own restaurant - "Peter Chang China Grill". We eat there fairly frequently, & in fact were just there last Tuesday. Here's a link to his website with menu, along with a link to Yelp reviews, & a link to an April article outlining his recent plans:


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        We just dined at Chang's Charlottesville location around a week ago, & were disappointed for the 2nd time in a row. Can't help but believe it has something to do with Mr. Chang expanding & opening other restaurants so relativley quickly. What a HUGE shame!!! Here's a link to my Yelp review(s):

      2. I know the manager of Chang's in Charlottesville and Chang is very rarely there.

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          And it shows. Unless Chang knows about &/or approves of the changes they've made re: the quality of the food, I'm thinking he needs to revisit this location & do some serious tweaking back to the way it was when he first opened there.

          (Those horrible, obviously-brought in, cheap & sleezy "fried noodle birds' nests" are particularly hideous.)