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Aug 27, 2012 06:24 AM

Special dinner in Cape May

Going to cape may the first week of september to celebrate the husbands big 40. We are staying at congress hall. Will be eating 2 dinners, 2 lunches and 2 breakfasts. Would like somewhere special for the big birthday dinner. Torn between washington Inn, and peter shields, although I am open to any suggestions. ALso any lunch or breakfast recommendations are much appreciated.

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  1. We will be celebrating a 55th birthday at Washington Inn the last week of September. We had wine and appetizers at the bar last time we were in Cape May and thought the food was very good. Looking forward to dinner. We've never been to Peter Shields, though.

    1. Mad Batter for breakfast
      Louisa's Cafe for dinner

      1. My vote would be for the Washington Inn. Tell them you'd like a window seat.
        I never got Louisa's. It's so cramped and small that you are on top of each other. Went once, that was enough. It's not a special event kind of place. I know it remains very popular though.
        DH and are are going soon. Might try out Tisha's on the mall and will definitely hit up Washington Inn's tasting room.
        I also recommend starting or ending the evening with a drink in the Brown Room at Congress Hall.

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          Excellent warning on the layout of Louisa's dining room on a busy night and without reservations, forget about it. Too bad you never got there though the food is worth it.

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            You know, I thought it was sort of just...plain. I can appreciate simple, but it was also under seasoned. The desserts look awesome though.

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              Really, my husband and I had quite a different experience both on simple and seasoning this summer. And the new chocolate shop she opened is very nice too. I think there food is awesome.

        2. Just went to Cape May for my husband's 40th 2 weeks ago. We stayed at the Virginia Hotel which is the sister hotel (adults only) to Congress Hall. We had full access to Congress Hall's facilities. You are going to love it. We had dinner at the Ebbitt Room, Washington Inn, and Peter Shields. All three restaurants were excellent, but if we had to put them in order of bronze, silver, and gold medals it would go in the order that I listed. Peter Shields was not only beautiful, but the menu was superb, the service was impeccable, and our waitress gave my husband a free dessert when I asked her on the sly to put a candle in his dessert. This restaurant is a must visit when you stay in Cape May. The only down side is that it is probably the only restaurant that is not within walking distance of the main area of Cape May. You will have to take a cab which is a flat rate of 10 bucks. Hope you have as great a time as we did.