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Aug 27, 2012 05:45 AM

Canned tuna fish, vienna sausages and ham

What are you stocking your pantry with for Isaac?

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  1. Nutella, olive oil packed tuna, a pot of red beans....

      1. We cook Fri/Sat/Sun so have leftovers Mon/Tue/Wed. As long as we have ice and propane it will be shrimp/okra gumbo, chicken and goat curries (with some pepper pot in reserve) and BBQ ribs and scalloped potatos.

        1. Up here in PA, I've got a big pot of red beans going as a good luck offering -- hoping for the best for you all!

          1. I am working on a barge in Port Arthur, TX and I cooked a pot of Red Beans today. Man were they good!!! Even better tomorrow for lunch!