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Aug 27, 2012 05:01 AM

Mannequin Pis...Piss Poor Service and Food

Having lived in the DC/Baltimore area for many years, I had heard of Mannequin Pis and generally, it had good word of mouth reviews. Here, in a nutshell, is what we went through:
- I made reservations online a week in advance and was informed that just because you make a reservation does not mean you have that time reserved; you must get a confirmation call.
- Waking up one morning last week to see that I had gotten two calls after 10pm the night before, no messages left. A quick Google search said that it was Mannequin Pis calling me. No messages, mind you.
- I then proceeded to call them 4 times during business hours to have my reservation confirmed. On the 4th call, over a period of days, someone finally answered and told me, nope, sorry, we're booked for that night. I had to explain that I had already made reservations. So the day before our reservations, I was finally able to get confirmation that we could have dinner.
- Our waiter, while sweet, spoke so softly that we had to constantly ask him to repeat what he was saying. The first beer we picked was out of stock; we were told they had sold out the night before. The second beer was also out of stock. Was there not time in that 20 hour period to run to a beer store or call a distributor and get more?? We finally ended up telling him the type of beer we wanted and said to bring anything that fit that description.
- We both ordered one of the weekend specials. It sounded great. Within a few minutes, our soft-spoken waiter returned to say that the special had sold out the night before as well.
- The appetizers we ordered were the highlight of the meal, however, a woman kept coming to our table, asking if we were done with them when it was clear there was still food in both dishes and we were in the process of chewing.
- As a replacement dinner for the one that was sold out (and if you run out of a special one night, but know you have to serve the special the next night, am I crazy or wouldn't you make more the next morning so you're ready?!?!) was steak. Holy cow, we could have gotten a better quality cut of meat at our local Safeway and grilled it up ourselves!!! And the "greens" advertised in the menu that came with our meals was a handful of lettuce, tossed on the plate, no dressing, just straight out of the cellophane bag.
- For the $90+ dollars we spent, we think we probably got about $15 worth of food. The service was abysmal and the overall attitude that this restaurant is a little piece of Belgium in Central Maryland is laughable. Steak with french fries and dry lettuce is not indicative of Belguim or any other European country.
- Please change your mind and do not go here. There are so many other places that are outstanding. Drive a few extra miles and have a wonderful dinner somewhere else!

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  1. Never had that type of problem at Mannequin Pis. However, the only reason to go is for the mussels. If you don't want mussels, you should go someplace else.

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      We had mussels as one of the appetizers...they were good, as were the escargot! Lucky for you that you've been there on good days! We will not be going back!

    2. We hadn't been in years,so many it was the original owner/chef and the earliest days of the present owner/chef.
      Three years ago we moved to less than four miles away.Thought we would give it a try this past spring.
      We didn't have great luck with the reservation method either.The food was just OK,portions were less than small,the specials were a cocked up mess regarding availability.The beer list is more of a joke,tease card than real.All of the beers out of stock on our visit (70%) were on a retailers shelf less than one mile away and available as pours off another list ?2 miles away.
      So to blame the county is just bogus.Granted Montgomery Co Md is notorious for poor service to restaurants for almost everything not mundane.NOT THIS TIME
      Now that easy,clean PEI mussels are damn near everywhere the trip here is for mussels is (?).
      If mussels are the reason for an evening out,I wouldn't put Mannequin Pis on any short list in a triangle of DC,NOVA,Frederick,Baltimore.Great,interesting sausage is even more easily found locally.