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Aug 27, 2012 04:57 AM

Convert Wolf range grill to griddle?

I find that I rarely use the grill on my range. Anyone have any experience with converting the grill to the griddle insert, or two more burners?


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  1. Call WOLF,have model/edition # at the ready
    or if you registered your range they can likely look you,it up
    most of WOLF'S ranges models are built on the same template and the customer service people they have really are there to serve
    I have two 48" ranges back to back.1 WOLF,1 THERMADORE .Both provided with griddle and grill to swap out at will.This was done 3 1/2 years ago with ease.I don't know if this ease is true of all editions.

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    1. re: lcool

      Well, I just got their response, and they say they are not interchangeable. here's what they say.
      "Thank you for your inquiry. I'm sorry, there is no way to convert the charbroiler on your unit to a griddle. Wolf manufactures our Ranges and Rangetops to the desired surface configurations in order to properly, safely and very specifically supply gas to the burners and other components. While these exacting specifications ensure exceptional performance, it is not a modular type system that would allow different components with different supply needs to be interchanged after the manufacturing process."

      Oh well..

      1. re: amdegiulio

        I faced this dilemma, too. The solution? Slap a cast iron griddle overtop of the charbroiler when hot. The griddle gets plenty hot for eggs/pancakes & the like.

        If your griddle has grooves to catch run off, then bacon & other meats would also do well. The grooves on mine are quite shallow, so I held off.

        This method works a bit better than using the burners, as the heat is (more or less) evening distributed over the surface of the griddle.

        Good luck!