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Aug 26, 2012 10:36 PM

Cherry hill Suggestions

Going to be in the area for 2 days...Any suggestions where I should take the family, meat or dairy? What about a nice restaurant if I just am with the wife? Thanks.

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  1. CHERRY GRILL!!! A yummy place to go with the family or even just the wife. Have fun there! I miss it alot:( Oh and check out the Kosher Ritas water ice too. Then you can be cool and eat a Ritas:)

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      My husband loved cherry grill when he was with friends recently. He was At mamas recently and brought home delicious takeout!!

    2. You could always hop over the bridge into Center City Philly, it's very close. A few nice sit down dairy options--Su Xing House, Mi Lah Vegetarian--and some good fast food like Mama's falafel and (burgers, fries, schnitzel).

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        Do try the grilled wings sat on SOuth :) FABULOUS as is the couscous!

      2. we went to 3 places. All in all we found the quality and price to be reasonable and were satisfied
        the bagel spot, very good bagels. fresh and an excellent variety. the also sell pizza (small 16" pies for 14 bucks.)
        cherry grill - excellent dinner option for whole family. salads were large. burger was fresh, juicy and well seasoned. appetizers, soups and chinese options were fresh. only thing was timing of food. everything came out one at a time and took too long to get things. very reasonably priced. definitely recommend
        esties besties - did a take out order that i called in. the service in the restaurant was overwhelmed with 5 tables. one guy was waiting at the counter with me for 10 minutes before we even saw anyone. he just wanted to pay! thankfully i took it to go. salads were a good size but light on the cheese (greek) pizza was ok. I saw something on yelp where they had a new sauce recipie. I guess there was an issue earlier with their sauce. baked ziti and falafel platters were decent to poor. falafel was not made in house, hummus and techina were store bought as well.