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Aug 26, 2012 09:47 PM

NYT: "As Restaurants Cut Salt, Some See Reasons to Pass"

From the NY Times article:


Sodium reduction has lately become a culinary cause célèbre. Subway, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Burger King and Taco Bell, as well as food manufacturers like Campbell Soup and PepsiCo, have all publicly vowed to produce lower-sodium products. (To a degree: last year, Campbell decided to add sodium back into some of its soups after sales began to slide.)

Critics say the precautions are getting ahead of the science. Unlike tobacco, alcohol and other long-corroborated health risks, sodium remains a topic of sometimes angry debate among researchers. There is no evidence that average people — those without hypertension — need less sodium, critics say, and too little of the essential nutrient could be as dangerous as too much.


Let the games begin!

Full read here:

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  1. I have no dog in the sodium fight - however I will say that the amounts used by most food manufacturers of pre-packaged food use sodium to a degree when knocking off 200 miligrams here or there probably won't dramatically alter taste.

    A current can of low sodium soup, I think, has less than 100 miligrams of sodium. That is very noticeable in a very bad way. But there are also lots of soups out there (I'm looking specifically at you, Progresso....) who's soups have over 1000 miligrans of sodium - sometimes getting closer to 2000 - and that's if you eat the can's recommended single serving. Cutting down on the sodium in those cases can't be bad.

    Also - while whether or not the salt itself is going to get you is a debate I know nothing about - I do know that having a high sodium diet makes the average person more thirsty. And being thirsty more often does lead to feeling hungry more often. So whatever it's going to do to your blood pressure or what, I don't know. But for those trying to lose weight, it's something important to be aware of.