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Aug 26, 2012 08:55 PM

best vegetarian or vegan freezer meals?

preferably not drenched in cheese? (spouse has high cholesterol)

I am battening down the hatches for what promises to be a truly hellish few months, and it'll be either freezer or takeout most nights, I fear.

So, anything you guys have?

I know enchiladas--Kathy at healthy, happy, life has gorgeous ones:

I know lasagna. But I really am hoping for something relatively healthy, or we might as well just give up and go out for dinner. I guess if there are any great healthy lasagna recipes (maybe using tofu? or light ricotta? Cutting way down on mozzarella[although I love it])?

But what else?

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  1. This recipe for Quinoa, White Bean, and Kale stew saved my life when I was working super long hours:

    Also, any kind of veggie chili will freeze super well. I usually just improvise it based on whatever meat substitute/beans/veggies/spices I have on hand so I don't have a recipe to share, but there are billions out there. You can serve over quinoa if you want a slightly heartier meal. Cooked quinoa keeps well in the fridge for about week, so you can precook it and have it on hand ready to heat up.

    I want to say that Veganomicon has a vegan lasagne recipe using a simple tofu riccotta that was good, but I don't have my copy handy.

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      I usually cook more beans and grains than we need for a meal or two and freeze some. Pintos, black beans, cannellini - whatever has caught my eye. Ottolenghi grain recipes (salad and others) are pretty terrific, copious proportions, and also freeze well (before veggies and seasonings are added) - quinoa and camargue red rice is a favorite at the moment. I think that Ottolenghi's book Plenty was a COTM not so long ago. Having those on hand makes it easy to put together a quick and dinner with just some added veggies et al. Another favorite is shakshuska - eggs poached in spicy tomato sauce (which has been cooked ahead and frozen). Egg whites only are just fine.

    2. Many soups and stews freeze well. I would make components of meals and freeze them, too- like sauces, or already cut up veggies, breads and muffins.

      1. I do freezer cooking once in a while because it does make days easier.

        Things that are staples during freezer cooking include veggie burritos. I fill tortillas with filings (last time it was quinoa, black beans, spinach, cheese, salsa) and roll them up and put them in a bag. They are handy and you can take out however many you need.

        Black bean burgers - easy to make and keep. We also keep buns in the freezer so it's a complete meal.

        Homemade veggie meatballs - Can do tons of stuff with this including meatball sandwiches, pasta with jarred tomato sauce, with veggies/salad.

        Last time I also tried mini lasagnas and those worked out perfect in the freezer. They are healthier because they don't use noodles. I also used light/reduced fat cheese.

        For breakfast or snacks, these oatmeal cups are good for the freezer: They make a big batch.

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          Would LOVe your recipe for veggie meatballs! this is all great--thank you!

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            Here it is! This recipe is always a hit. I don't make the sauce when I make them for freezing.


        2. Lentil soups or stews

          Mushroom barley soup or barley risotto

          Tempeh stroganoff or tempeh picatta

          Curried chickpeas

          Thai curry made with sturdy vegetables like kale and butternut squash

          Peanut noodles

          Kichadi / Kedgeree

          Brown rice and wild rice both freeze pretty well and are nice to have on hand to thaw when busy.

          Vegetarian stuffed cabbage

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            Would love those tempeh recipes! thank you!

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              The tempeh stroganoff recipe I make is very much like this gluten-free one from the Vegetarian Times, except I don't add all that flour.

              I'll have to dig around to find the tempeh piccata, so I'll post it later. While I was trying to see if I could find anything like my version online, I found this site. I haven't made anything on here, but it seems like a great list of hearty vegan main dish ideas and most of them seem like they'd freeze very well.