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Aug 26, 2012 08:47 PM

Best Lobster Roll in Maine South Of Bangor?

I know there are older posts on this subject, but it seems like some places (Harraseeket?) that are known for great lobster rolls have gone downhill according to recent reviews. So I'll ask: what are currently the best places for lobster rolls/lobster in general in Maine, but south of Bangor, since we won't be heading north of there. So I guess somewhere in Portland, Kennebunkport, Kittery, etc. We'd prefer somewhere that's not totally a divey shack but not a $$$ place either. Also, somewhere with fresh lobster, as I hear that some places like Bob's don't use fresh.
As an aside, any other interesting or great restaurant/food places south of Bangor worth checking out that are less than $50 pp for, say, an entree/glass of wine/tip? So anywhere from very casual to upscale casual. Have heard of a great gelato place in Portland, for example.

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  1. In Portland I think Eventide Oyster Company might be a good fit for what you're looking for (more as the aside). Trendy yet very casual. Haven't had their lobster roll but they look tasty though small (I think around $10). Small lobster roll saves room to sample some of the other great items - pricy but the best tasting and largest variety of oysters. A great fried oyster bun. Some entrees which I haven't sampled. Interesting cocktails and good beer choices. We go to sample several items vs. a more traditional meal. It's a small place and gets crowded. I go off hours as they're open throughout the day and very late.
    We have two gelato places literally across the street from each other on Fore St. Gorgeous Gelato was first, opened by a couple from Milan. Excellent. Personally, I boycott the other one (Gelato Fiasco) as I feel it was very bad form to open so close to and take business away from the original. I have tried it at one of its other venues and it is very good.

    1. Well, I have always found the lobster roll (and everything else) at Bob's in Kittery to be excellent and fresh, but other than that you might try Cape Pier Chowder House in Kennebunkport. Great lobster rolls and chowder. Everything I've eaten there over many years has been consistently good.

      1. While I'm not a lobster fan myself, I bring guests seeking a lobstor Road to Shore Road Market at the apex between Shore Road and Route 1A in York Maine. Very plain - lobster meat on a toasted hot dog roll, served with drawn butter. Last time I went it was $8.95 which makes it one of the cheaper lobster rolls in the area as well.

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          It's also one of the smaller rolls :)

        2. I know what you mean by fresh lobster roll. More places in Maine use previously frozen meat on their lobster rolls than you would like to think. I find it's best to ask if the meat used in the lobster roll has been previously frozen at all? I think when you ask about fresh, they think you mean "has it been sitting around too long". My favorites that are confirmed fresh and cooked on premises are Clam Shack in Kennebunkport, Boothbay Lobster Wharf in Boothbay (not Lobster Dock) and Five Islands in Georgetown. Clam Shack is not a place for a dining experience, but amazing lobster roll. For a great dining experience with a view and fantastic, fresh picked lobster roll, try Dolphin Restaurant in Harpswell. All are seasonal.

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            Have you tried Fishermen's Grill in Portland yet? I think they have moved or are moving to a much larger space in South Portland, and can't wait to visit them in July.

            Their seafood is absolutely fresh and amazing.

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              You are so right!! Fisherman's Grill has a fantastic lobster roll and he actually cooks the lobster for your lobster roll while you wait. It's alive when you order, doesn't get much fresher than that! So good to hear they are moving to a larger space, that was definitely the down side.

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                LobsterGal -- Just checked out your website and I am jealous that you have tried so many great lobster roll places! You should check out The Back Eddy in Westport MA. Sort of an upscale place, not cheap, but really good food and the best sunsets on the East Coast.

                My son spent his first summer at camp in Maine last year, and on a trip day got to have a lobster at Five Islands! That one is definitely on my list for this summer.

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                Another vote for Fishermen's Grill. I spend a week every year in Maine trying every lobster roll I see and this was the best! I still dream about the scallops as well......