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Aug 26, 2012 08:46 PM

Weekday Breakfast?

Grabbing bfast with an out of town buddy who is in SF for the weekend tomorrow (Monday). Any suggestions on a good breakfast joint? I searched the threads but it seemed like most were focused on weekend breakfast / brunch, with many not serving on weekdays. Thanks.

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  1. I'd head to Mission Beach Cafe, 198 Guerrero @14th Street. Opens at 7am. Check out the breakfast menu on their website. Really the best! I always get the wild mushroom benedict, but the pancakes with strawberries & bananas are pretty awesome too. Btw, Laguna crosses Market at Guerrero. Ellas on Presidio Ave. would be a second choice.

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      Looks great. Is there typically a wait on a weekday am?

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        Usually no wait on a weekday has been my experience.

    2. Agree that most of the great weekend brunch places don't serve weekday breakfast. For weekdays, Mission Beach Cafe is a good choice. Depending on what part of town you want to go to, you might also want to consider Plow, Butler and the Chef, or farm:table. You can search for threads on them.

      Or, if you are looking for the "pastry and coffee" type of breakfast, you could add Tartine Bakery and Thorough and Pastry to the list

      1. We hit farm:table twice on a weekday in April and didn't have to wait but it is tiny and communal.

        This recent post intrigued me:

        1. It's late Monday so you've probably already had breakfast, but Out the Door on Bush off of Fillmore is another interesting choice. It opens at 8am and has a very eclectic menu. I've often met friends here and never been disappointed.

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            Um, yeah.... I went to Mission Beach Cafe. It was only possibly the best brunch I've ever had. Per your rec, I had the mushroom benedict. That was unbelievable, coming from a person who typically does not love benedicts and feels like meat is a necessity. The mushrooms were so aromatic and that housemade muffin is the perfect texture / thickness. We also shared the french toast, which was admittedly overkill and cold by the time we got to it. But it was also very tasty. It doesn't hurt that they serve blue bottle drip, which my out of town guests could not stop raving about. Thanks so much for the rec. I just wish they opened earlier so I could bring the whole family, but alas, the kids must eat by 8AM...