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Aug 26, 2012 08:41 PM

Ads disrupting text on all pages in Chrome

Basically when I load any page whether it's a thread or a board, the text appears fine, then as the final ads load (looks like the top banner and upper right box ad) the text fades a little bit and doesn't look as bold. You can watch it happen with every refresh. Doesn't happen to me in Firefox, only Chrome.

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    1. A number of us use Chrome on this end, but I don't believe we've encountered this issue before. This is for all ads on all pages? How long ago did this start?

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      1. re: Engineering

        I only noticed it recently and I'm here quite often. Here I'll take a little screencast so you can see what I mean.

        Please note: I run adult sites for a living, so this is the only way I could host the video... Please delete the link from my post when you've retrieved the file. Sorry about that. :) The root URL is nsfw, but the link above is sfw as it's a direct link to the screencast video.

        I was able to view the above video with firefox, but got no video only audio in Chrome.. You could also just wget the URL to grab the file.

        PS: Only seems to affect board pages and thread pages. It's even affecting the text in this input box as I type right now. Doesn't happen on the front page, or blog pages, etc.