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Aug 26, 2012 08:41 PM

I need a challah and soon. and given my constraints, i don't even need it to be the best in the city.

I need to have a challah in my hands by 530 Tuesday in echo park.
I'd go to langers but i can't get there before their 4pm closing.
If i had to i could buy it monday evening or, as the above says, late tuesday afternoon.

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    1. re: boogiebaby

      I saw that TJ's was carrying the pretzel challah from Got Kosher previously.

      1. re: Servorg

        That Got Kosher pretzel challah is fantastic! I am going to check my TJs right away. Is it sliced? Will report back!

        1. re: chewbacca

          I didn't look at it carefully to tell if it was sliced or not. I prefer unsliced. Please post if you find it (or even if you don't).

        1. even Ralph's carries challah, at least the one on 3rd & La Brea does. I think they carry it from the Diamond Bakery on Fairfax, if you're willing to travel a bit westward.

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          1. re: bad nono

            Ralphs' own store-brand challah quite surprisingly is at least as good as 90 percent of the recommendations on this page. I've seen it at every branch I've been to on the westside. They make it in both a traditional twisted and baking pan version. I sometimes like buying the pan version to make french toast.

            1. re: Arthur

              Ralph's challah IS good.

              But sadly, it is not in all eastern LA stores.

              Yes I have seen it at La Brea and third. But not, for years, at two out of the 4 Glendale stores.
              So general LA, the odds might be even less....

              And we haven't even gotten into sliced or not sliced!

              1. re: Arthur

                Ralphs challah makes the BEST French Toast! I have bought it at the one on 3rd & La Brea and at the one on Sunset & Poinsettia.

            2. My fav store-bought challah - Diamonds. But it is a drive.
              Trader Joe's challah is not bad, just not great either.
              Porto's in Glendale has a surprisingly nice egg twist loaf.

              And yes, I'd bet Victor Bene's bakery in Gelson's would have it.

              And in Glendale, at Jons and many markets that carry armenian breads, they have a what they call "Raisin Bread" but what is basically sweet challah with raisins. Tasty!

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              1. re: happybaker

                I agree with your assessment of the Trader Joe's challah. It's also atypically small, so I suspect it's not appropriate for the OP's needs.

                1. re: Arthur

                  Arthur -

                  When I saw the smallness - and the price - I gasped.

                  Thank you for not making me feel extra silly for my reaction.

              2. Bagel Factory has challah every day, I'm pretty sure.