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Looking for great pasta in East Village/Gramercy area

I love fresh pasta dishes and I'm looking for an Italian restaurant with amazing pasta and sauces. Nothing too creative, just standard vodka, alfredo, etc. Anyone have any suggestions???? Thanks!

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  1. You might find some classics at Maialino.

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      There is no pasta with vodka sauce or an "alfredo" at Maialino. With a very few deviations, they stick fairly closely to traditional recipes from Italy.

      1. I've never eaten at La Marca, but it might be what you are looking for.


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          Ma Marca is suprisingly good and has many of the clasics.
          Novita is a much higher price point but the pastas are excellnet.

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            LaMarca is the first thing that came to my mind as well.

        2. Da Andrea, while not in EV or Gramercy (though close to both!), could work!

          1. John's of 12th Street would be a good option. Classic Italian American food.

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              I agree John's of 12th Street would be a good option. I have been a couple times, great red sauce joint. It was on Diners, drive-in's and dives so I assume there is a you tube clip you could find from the show.

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                Fabulous carbonara and alfredo at John's. And the garlic bread is incredible.

            2. paul and jimmy's...for sure.

              1. We love I Trulli. 27th just east of Park Avenue South.

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                  I Trulli specializes in Pugliese cuisine. The OP is looking for red-sauce Italian: "standard vodka, alfredo, etc." He's not going to find that at I Trulli.

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                    The fresh pasta at I Trulli is fabulous but not typical red sauce cooking

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                    Il Baggatto is still around? I remember taking girls on dates there 10+ years ago. I also remember never sitting anywhere near my reservation time. That is why I stopped going.

                  2. Try Frank or Porsena in the E Village

                    1. I used to work in Gramercy and ordered from Coppola's East all the time. Their penne alla vodka with chicken is really solid if you're in the mood for something along those lines.


                      1. A little bit south of the EV, but Sauce on Allen & Rivington is a good bet.