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Aug 26, 2012 07:02 PM

Dill Pickles!

just returned from holidays and have the urge to make my own dill pickles. Have I missed the boat? Have they come and gone? If not, does anyone know where I can buy the pickles by the bushel?

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  1. I had the same thought. I"ve seen the proper cuc's at the fruit markets at the corner of Logan and Danforth.

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    1. re: Baelsette

      A relative, who makes his own pickles every year, bought a bushel-load of the appropriate-sized cucumbers two days ago at the Highland Farms supermarket on Dufferin south of Steeles. Best to call ahead, though, to make sure they still have a supply. There's a rush for them every year about now.

      1. re: juno

        Thanks for that info. I was at Highland on Dufferin this past weekend to buy some fruit. I saw peppers and roma's, but no cukes, although i didnt ask. I'm going to call and post the response. Nothing like some sodium to lower your blood pressure!

        1. re: franpelyk

          HF has a smaller store at Lawrence Av. East and Bennett Rd. which is never busy. Check with them if the others are sold out.

        2. re: juno

          I bought a ton yesterday at Highland on Dufferin. Only thing is: they don't have dill. Who does that?

          1. re: biggreenmatt

            HF on Lawrence at Bennett has dill.

      2. they sell them in baskets alongside peaches and tomatoes at Metro, saw them at Robert/Bloor branch. Just past the cash of course, on the shelves against the windows, so you don't see them until you've already paid!