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Aug 26, 2012 05:51 PM

Would you be okay with being given an exit time?

I recently attempted to go out to dinner at an up-scale casual restaurant with some friends. We were shopping and had no reservation, and went in at 6pm. The place was quite empty, and when we asked for a table, the hostess told us they had a very large reservation coming in at 7:30, and so if we chose to stay, they would want our table cleared by then. Three of us were fine with this, as we have eaten there before and 1 1/2 hours is plenty. The fourth was adamant we find someplace else, and informed the hostess she was extremely rude. Thoughts?

FYI, we went to the not-quite-as-good spot next door, and were out of there at 7:20

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  1. I think the hostess was very polite and clear. You came in without a reservation and they were willing to accommodate you--within limits. What is rude about that?

    1. Yeah nothing wrong with that.

      1. Totally OK. You didn't have a reservation, others did, and those others would appreciate being seated on time -- as I'm sure your fourth friend would if she were the one with the reservation.

        1. I would have thanked the hostess and been mindful of the time knowing they didn't have to accommodate us at all.

          1. What specifically did the fourth person think was rude? Would she have preferred being told that you couldn't eat there at all?

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              She simply thought being given a time limit shouldn't be done. We didn't really discuss it with her much at the time, as nobody wanted a tense dinner. I'm really not sure what her ideal solution was, as I don't see how it could have been handled in a better way. Because the big reservation should trump a walkin group of 4!