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Aug 26, 2012 05:49 PM

Home made egg roll wrappers recipe - why aren't they crisp?

Hi. Where I live (Buenos Aires) you can't purchase egg roll wrappers - they aren't even available at the Chinese markets. They have "won ton skins", but they are way too small for egg rolls (also known as spring rolls). I have been trying to make the wrappers at home, and while they don't taste bad they are not even close to what I am looking for. I want the kind of "shatteringly crisp" egg rolls that the lovely Ms. Jaden Hair describes on her blog ( - the way they are in Chinese restaurants. So far I have tried making the dough with flour and eggs, and also with flour and water. I roll them out into extremely sheets (lowest setting on my pasta machine and they come out REALLY THIN!), and then cut them in squares, add the cooled and drained filling, roll them up, and then fry them. Both of them (egg/flour, water/flour) made a lovely dough, but it wasn't at all "crisp". They weren't soggy either. Just not crisp, they way that I want for them to be. The egg dough also came out as being really "eggy" (big surprise!), and was even further from what I am looking for than the flour/water dough was. In both instances, I am using a fairly hard dough (one part egg to two parts flour, by weight, and less than one part water to two parts flour, also by weight - both with a bit of salt). I even tried mixing the AP flour with rice flour (one to one) and then with water, and while these came out about the same and the regular flour batch (not nearly shatteringly crisp....), the dough was much more fragile and difficult to work with (rice flour dough is not nearly as resilient). So that's where I am. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would really appreciate some help here. I can't imagine that the store-bought wrappers contain any magical (chemical) ingredients, which makes me think that I should be able to do this at home....

Mil gracias y saludos, BZ.

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  1. Ben, Try adding about 1 tsp of sugar to your mix. Should fry up crispier. Works in Alabama anyway. Gary

    1. There is no magic Ingredient , just proper technique.
      The Dough is Flour and Water.
      You do not roll out Spring Roll Wrappers.
      The dough is held in the hand and pressed on to a hot Plancha. A very thin layer of Dough sticks and this very thin Pancake is the Wrapper.
      Here is a video of them being made:
      They can also be done with a crepe like batter.
      Here is a link to the recipe and technique for the batter(crepe) type:

      1. adding a bit of sugar works for me.

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          try using near freezing water and a pinch of corn starch.