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Aug 26, 2012 05:10 PM

dinner near JW Marriott DC ( 13th st)

Will be in DC for two nights nextg week with colleague and looking for some dinner recommendations. We are adventurous eaters and are interested in high quality food, couild be ethnic , seafood, fusion, most anything but steak houses. Haven't been to DC for years but in past have enjoyed JAleo and Kincaids.

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  1. If you liked Jaleo you will probably enjoy Zytinya, Jose Andres other restaurant in DC.

    It depends a lot on how much you want to spend. The Source is excellent, but pricy. (not as pricy as Plume however) Central Michael Richard is good, but nothing fancy. Kaz's Sushi Bistro is excellent Sushi near there. Brasserie Beck, 11th and K Streets NW is one of my favorites and the selection of Belgian beers is unsurpassed. Taberna del Alabardero, 18th & I Streets is well regarded for Spanish classical cooking.

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    1. re: dinwiddie

      We're willing to spend up to $ 75 for the meal ( we are on a limioted expense account) we're also willing to take the metro or cab to go further, just tthought it might be nice after a day of meetings to walk a bit. What kind of food does the Source have? I've also enjoye dsoem of the Ethiopan restaurants in the past. are there any good Persian, Syrian or Lebanese restaurants not to far? I seem to be on a mid-east kick these days. ALso, what about Mourayo, Ceiba or Acquall2DC or RIs?

      1. re: foodie in CT

        I hope you mean $75/person. Mourayo and Ris are both good choices that you'll have to cab or metro to. I'll throw Proof in as a walkable one as well.

        1. re: foodie in CT

          Zaytinya is delicious and Middle Eastern but I'm not sure you will be full if the total budget is $75 for 2. Beck's mussels will keep you within budget.

          Taberna that budget is doable if you go during the happy hour (half price tapas.)

          1. re: windycity

            Yes, though limited expenses, I did mean $75 per person . Thanks for the suggestions. Keep them comiing!

            1. re: foodie in CT

              Some restaurants like Cedar (9th and E St) are running Restaurant Week specials through Sept 1, if you are in town then. Cedar is decent, although if money is no budget I'd go to Zaytinya and enjoy. Fits all your criteria (is Turkish, Greek, and Lebanese food) and is a Jose Andres restaurant. My favorite dishes are their scallops, shrimp, char, seasonal mushrooms.

      2. You are a two block walk from Tosca, and you should not miss it. You also a short walk across the White House plaza from the Oval Room. These are two of the best tables in the city right now. And Central rarely disappoints.