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Aug 26, 2012 04:28 PM

Places for dinner in San Luis Obispo

Look for fine dining in SLO. No chains, something that reflects the area, low corkage fee. What ya got?

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  1. Have not been here myself but got rave reviews from someone who goes their often when he is in town on university alumni foundation business - Cafe Roma in the Railway Plaza complex: We recently took a day-tripper vintage train ride and enjoyed the old Del Monte Cafe in this same Railway Plaza area but it would be more for casual dining, not fine dining. Relating our trip to this friend he advised us strongly next time to try Cafe Roma. Maybe local in the know can verify this recommendation?

    1. For fine, casual dining I recommend Luna Red, located adjacent to the Mission downtown.
      A sister- restaurant is Novo, a bit more varied menu. For excellent Italian try Buona Tavola as well as the recommended Cafe Roma.

      1. I'd add Korberl Blue to the list.. I've eaten there several times and it has been an enjoyable expierience each time.

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          At The Sycamore Springs Resort is The Gardens of Avila, it has very good food and service in a formal dining room. We also love the food at Novo in downtown SLO. :)

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            yes. to Koberl. owner/chef. corkage is $20/bottle