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Aug 26, 2012 03:35 PM

Corn on the cob .. In a cooler?

So toying w the idea ( so fabulously suggested to me on CH) of making corn on the cob for a BBQ.
If I per cook it and seal up in a cooler w foil will it hold up? Not get dry or mushy? Anyone w experience on holding cobs over?!

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  1. Ok looking around at ideas here on CH.
    Thinking is I portion each ear , season w butter , salt , pepper. Wrap in foil , bake at 350' for 15-20 mins. Transfer hot ears to cooler. Should be good to go?

    1. Saw your other post with a response suggesting no one in their right mind would serve cold, previously cooked corn on the cob. Guess that explains a lot about me but have to admit one of my favorite leftovers are grilled ears of corn from a previous dinner, just a squeeze of fresh lime and it's heaven redux. Actually, if you will have access to a grille, consider taking along corn that you precook by boiling for just 4 minutes......allow to cool off. Wrap or package once they reach room temperature then just 3 or 4 minutes on a hot fire to smoke and blacken a few kernels, hit them with fresh lime juice and serve immediately. Butter, salt, crema, etc are all just gilding the lily.

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        I agree! I think keeping them wrapped warm in a cooler w lime ect on the side they will be Delish. So fresh and yummy right now here in the Northwest. Nice change up from chips and the usuals!

      2. Why not give it a test run at home before the big BBQ?

        1. I'm not sure how many ears we're talking about, but couldn't you just put it on the grill at the BBQ? Or steam it on their stove? I think cooking it ahead of time and wrapping it up will make for corn mush. Baking for 15-20 mins? Also doesn't sound appealing. If you can't cook it at the BBQ house, then I would do similar to what ThanksVille suggests but cook it, cool rapidly, cut off of the cob and serve cold and seasoned with lime juice, butter, etc.

          1. Not idea but a solid solution given certain constraints.