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Aug 26, 2012 03:11 PM

Foodies Visiting Great Barrington

We're spending a loooong Canadian Thanksgiving weekend in Great Barrington in 6 weeks. I've searched the chowhound boards and found a number of recommendations re restaurants.

One of the things we like to do when we're hanging out in an area is explore the local food options - i.e. any unique local producers, farmers, butchers, cheese makers etc.What are the things/spots in the local area that we should be sure not to miss?

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  1. Allium, part of the Mezze Group is a good farm to table place as is John Andrew's although you will find many service oriented complaints. The Meat Market is a direct buy butcher. All the meats are procured very locally. Both of these establishments are in Great Barrington. In the village of Housatonic there is Berkshire Mtn Bakery which specializes in hand made artisanal sourdough bread. In Monterey is Rawson Brook Farm which in my opinion makes the absolute best fresh chèvre anywhere. If you are into a bit of a drive i would highly recommend Mezze Bistro in Williamstown, oustanding farm to table fare with very professional service.

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    1. Head over to the Cheesemongers on main st. in GB, talk with Austin about the different cheeses, fish and charcuterie that he has. Lots of local things and things from afar as well. Go to the Stagecoach in Sheffield for dinner, lots of local on the menu (and they tell you what and where) great vibe and cozy feel. Go to Guido's fresh marketplace and drool over the interesting local foods. Stop by the Berkshire Mtn. Bakery in Housatonic (a stones throw from GB) and try their Bread with chocolate, trust me! Also the brewery in town is great, as well as the coffee roasters.The farmers' market will still be in full swing on Saturday, a MUST in GB. Go enjoy the many farms around that will be apple picking. What a lovely time to visit.

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        great ideas!


        Have any of you tried berkshire blue cheese?

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          yes, we eat if often. It is mild and quite good, not much complexity.

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            Bizen has wonderful wonderfu sushi. Soco creamery for dessert almost next door.

            Re Berkshire Blue cheese - I don't care for it . It sold to new owners a few years ago and I don't think it's that great.(they're just not cheese people) Maytag blue is better - but not local. I second (strongly!) a visit to Rawson brook Farm for the best creamy goat cheese. I love the olive oil and thyme. i love the farm, and the baby goats are precious. It's a very special place.

            And it's not far from New Marlborough, where Peter Platt at Old Inn on the Green has been cooking up a local storm of deliciousness for years.