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Aug 26, 2012 02:20 PM

So That Was Annoying!

Went to the Blue Room for brunch today. You know the drill, 27 dollars per person, a farm to table spread, sat outside, all perfectly nice. So why at that price point are they charging extra for the coffee and juice? And why based on that small fact am I annoyed and likely not to go back? It's the little things that get under your skin....

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  1. I just checked the website and it states coffee and tea are included but not juices.

    I do hear you, sometimes "the small things" are what keeps me from going back to somewhere that for the most part I like.

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    1. re: debidokun

      I too was at Blue Room today for brunch. While I agree that it'd be nice to have juice included, I will add that the food was lovely- perfectly poached eggs, a nice tender spice rubbed brisket, thick cut bacon, and well spiced patas bravas. (The corn grits were a miss however, but my dc and I enjoyed the rest.)

    2. I feel like the juice markup at breakfast/brunch is like the liquor markup at dinner. The worst is when you don't even get a decent-sized glass -- I swear I've taken shots bigger than the OJ glasses at S&S in Cambridge.

      1. I've always come to expect that juice and coffee are extra. It's the same at most any resort, hotel, etc.

        To me (and I may be in a minority) $27 for a brunch buffet isn't outrageous. It's certainly higher than the $9.99 you'd spend at a Howard Johnson's or something but it's also not the $60 you'd spend at a ultra high end spot, either (where juice and coffee would certainly be included for what it's worth).

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        1. re: QuakerInBoston

          Juice is included in Cafe Fleuri's brunch, which runs $58 (albeit with a raw bar). Blue Room includes coffee/tea, but not juice.

        2. Oy Vey! People will complain about anything.

          The Blue Room is well known for having a very strong Sunday brunch. At $27, many (including myself) think it is a very good deal.

          It certainly is not a given that all you can eat Sunday brunches include drinks.

          So the $27 did not include a drink - would you rather they charge $32 and include a drink?

          If it gets under your skin, go somewhere else.

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          1. re: CambridgeFoodie

            This is perhaps 4 ounces of juice! And yeah, charge 30 bucks and don't nickel and dime me on the juice. Not sure what planet you live on but 60 plus dollars for brunch is somewhat extravagant, despite other, fancier options cited. And since a good portion of the buffet is relatively inexpensive things like grits, eggs, potatoes, lentils,and salad green; a glass of juice wouldn't break the bank.