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Aug 26, 2012 02:16 PM

Pizza Hut Chicken Wings

A poster on another website, while totally panning Pizza Hut's pizza (to which I agree), said that he reluctantly tried their chicken wings recently. . . . & LOVED them! Said he was shocked out of his socks re: how good they were.

Our local Pizza Hut (which we've never visited) recently revamped itself into a Pizza Hut/Wing Street version, & we're thinking of giving them a try.

Anyone else here had them & enjoyed them? Or not?

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  1. I find their chicken wings revolting, but I am a purist when it comes to wings because I lived near Buffalo for a long time and became accustomed to the real deal.

    1. I find them mediocre. For fastfood buffalo wings, I was suprised at the ones at Checkers. Meaty and tossed in Frank's Hot Sauce. Pretty cheap, too.

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        Frankly, I never order wings out, since I find the ones I make at home oh so much better, but may just have to give Pizza Hut's a try one of these nights when I'm in the mood for wings but feeling lazy. So long as the wings themselves are properly cooked, the worst that could happen is that I'll have to add some of my own sauce to them to zing them up correctly.

        1. re: Bacardi1

          That is the problem with Pizza Hut wings - they are never cooked properly (i.e., deep-fried naked until crispy). They are always soggy and I think they're dredged in flour or cornstarch - not enough to make them seem breaded, but enough to make the sauce a gummy mess.

          1. re: Bacardi1

            They have several different flavors. You might find one that doesn't need 'zinging up'. While you're at it, try their tater tots.

          2. re: monkeyrotica

            They're fast food, monkey, not 5 star haute cuisine. Given that context, the wings are quite sapid.

            1. re: mucho gordo

              Even as fast food wings, they're just not my thing. Too soggy, not crispy. The corner Chinese carryout fries them crispier, meatier, and cheaper.

              1. re: monkeyrotica

                I think crispiness would depend on the flavor coating and the method used to cook them. I wouldn't expect a honey mustard, teriyaki or bbq to be crisp; just sticky.

                1. re: mucho gordo

                  You see - I feel that way too. At home, I roast my wings (really don't care for fried wings), & while they're WAY crispy when they come out of the oven, once lightly tossed with any the various sauces I serve them with, they're not terribly crisp for long. But OH SO TASTY! So frankly I don't think un-crisp Pizza Hut wings will bother me much at all.

                  When I said "cooked properly", I simply meant not raw; not burnt.

          3. I'm guessing Dominos and Pizza Hut do not have I will assume they bake their wings in their pizza ovens. Which is a - 1 for me. One may bake wings at home...but when ordering wings out ..a traditional joint will usually fry least here in WNY. The baking usually comes up a bit short in the crispyness dept and I do not think people expect baked wings. The consistancy does not seem right. Also..the amount of heat is usually milder than one may desire.The national chains seem to be bit afraid to make a proper medium heat buffalo wing..which to me is the default heat. If you do not like some spicyness..I'm not sure why one would order any "buffalo" type product.

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            1. re: rochfood

              It all depends on the heat factor. I've been roasting my chicken wings at home for decades (450-500 degrees), & they turn out crispy, delicious, & wonderfully grease-free. I'm sure Pizza Hut's ovens are more than hot enough to turn out crispy wings without frying.

              But again - I'll definitely post back here after we try them. And if I'm wrong, I'll be more than happy to post that as well.

              1. re: Bacardi1

                I use the same technique. The wings literally fry in their own fat, leaving the skin like pork crackling. It's even better on a Weber Smoker: remove the water pan and just let the wings cook two feet above the coals. Cooking over wood charcoal gives it a nice woodsy char. Similar to old timey fireplace reflecting oven cooking.

            2. The wings at the Pizza Hut near our old apartment (Ashburn, VA circa 2010) were awful. They were gummy on the outside and had a really chewy texture. I got brave and tried them again a few months later, hoping that I just got a bad batch, and no such luck.

              1. I have broken down and ordered wings from Pizza Hut before and always been let down. Here in So Cal I would do Wings and things and Buffalo Wild Wings if you really want good wings. Though and this is just a hunch the east coast probably does better in the wing department. Any suggestions in the San Diego area would be welcome ...I like extra hot but not insane VS flavor.

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                1. re: chris2269

                  "Any suggestions in the San Diego area would be welcome..."

                  Try Bub's in Pacific Beach especially Wednesday's for their 25 cent wings. Great deal...

                  1. re: Servorg

                    I'll have to check it out. there are 2 places I loath getting in and out of in SD La Jolla and PB..both are great places but suck as far as access.

                    1. re: chris2269

                      While I haven't been they have another location near Petco Park, downtown, if that is more convenient for you?

                      1. re: Servorg

                        Yep I can take the coaster. TY:)

                        1. re: chris2269

                          BTW you are an OC asian food guru. Never been let down by your recs.