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Aug 26, 2012 01:21 PM

Coconut macaroons. I need your best recipe!

I have been obsessed with store-bought coconut macaroons for the last little while. I've never made them myself and would like to try. Any recipes?

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  1. Although I generally detest sweetened condensed milk, I think it makes the best macaroons. Here's Ina Garten's recipe which I have made a million times.

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      Look online for the king David hotels coconut macaroon recipe. I make it annually. Super easy non-dairy.

    2. There are, as I understand it, 2 types. One uses egg whites like the French almond macaro(o)ns. The other uses sweetened condensed milk as the binder. Most of us in the USA are more familiar with the milk version.

      Ina's uses both.

      1. Mark Bittman's recipe is the easiest. I never use another one. It's cited in many threads on Chowhound. Ina Garten's recipe has too much liquid.

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          I second this. I used to make the CI version, and the end result was good, but it was involved and I was always annoyed making them. The Bittman recipe is fast and good.

        2. i, too, am a coconut macaroon whore. i have tried no fewer than 15 recipes. although not the easiest recipe, joann chang's, of flour bakery in boston, is by far my favorite. you have to make a pastry cream in lieu of sweetened condensed milk, but i promise you that the end result is WELL worth it!
          i would recommend getting a hold of her cookbook. i have made a lot of the recipes and they have all been great!

          1. Wow, so many good suggestions. I'm going to have to try all of these, from the sweetened condensed milk version to the egg white version and even the difficult but well worth it version! Do you guys pipe it out to give it that nice shape?

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              The almond macaro(o)n batter is wet enough to pipe, but I think the coconut one is better spooned. It's stiffer and the flakes could block the nozzle. Bittman says to shape balls with wet hands.