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Aug 26, 2012 01:08 PM

Peking duck with pancakes

i am looking for a northern Chinese restaurant in the Seattle area that serves excellent Peking duck with PANCAKES, not buns. I have relatives from Beijing coming to Seattle next month for a visit. Why serve them Chinese food? Because I want to have a banquet to celebrate my birthday and I also know that Chinese people generally love to eat Chinese food wherever they are in the world (at least I do. I'm ABC)

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  1. You might check into Yu Shan to see if they still do the Peking Duck with the pancakes. Other than that, it's mostly only Cantonese restaurants that serve it and they will most likely use the buns. And I could have sworn that one of the places where I did find it served with pancakes - they were using Mexican tortillas. But call and ask around to see if they use a bun or a pancake - King's Chinese in Bellevue, Harbor City in the ID, Zen Garden in Mill Creek, Joi's in Bellevue, Tea Garden in Renton, etc. All these places should have banquet menus.

    I've had family come from all parts of China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong to visit in Seattle - and foodwise they very much enjoyed our local delicacies - the fresh Northwest seafood. Things like geoduck or shellfish are what the Chinese are paying a fortune to eat - that's what they want to eat. At least with my friends and family, it was a universal thumbs down for the Seattle Chinese food, whether it was Din Tai Fung, Yea's Wok, Facing East, dim sum in Chinatown...we just have to admit our offerings are nowhere near their expectations (an exception seemed to be Mike's Noodle House - overseas visitors seemed to universally like that place).

    And I didn't mention Vancouver because I know it would be a pain for them to also get a Canadian visa, but that would be where you can easily find pancakes for the duck and have it done to high standards.

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      Order at least a day ahead at Yu Shan and specify you want pancakes. At least, that's what I did last year.

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        Thanks, RandyB. Have you ever had duck at the Imperial (down at the Great Wall Mall, near IKEA?). They can serve with pancakes, and they claim that their duck skin is crispy, but maybe Yu Shan is better?

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          Sorry, haven't been to Imperial. That end of town (Renton/Kent) is like another country to me. If I need 99 Ranch, I'm close to the one up north.

          1. re: Julan

            Imperial should do an adequate-or-better job with a banquet menu and is more upscale and comfortable (people have wedding banquets there), but they are Cantonese and so it will be a Cantonese-based menu. Yu Shan is owned by non-Cantonese, IIRC.

        2. re: HungWeiLo

          Thanks so much. Very helpful information, indeed. I've decided not to take them to a Chinese restaurant. (Instead, I'm taking my local American friends to Yu Shan for "Beijing Ya!".). I'll take your advice, and give them NW seafood. Thanks again!

          1. re: Julan

            It's definitely worth a try and will at least be a new experience for them. I took some family to something simple, like happy hour at Ray's Cafe one afternoon, and they had a blast and loved the food. Also note that for these guys, food-wise, it's not their first time at the rodeo so they appreciate trying new stuff.

            Of course, there are plenty of people who prefer their own home cuisines when traveling overseas so you can always fall back on that if need be.