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Aug 26, 2012 01:06 PM

Dot's Bakery,Round Pond,Maine

Anyone been to Dot's Bakery this year?
Heading up that way in a few weeks and I was wondering if they are still in business and as great as they were last year.

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    1. re: LeRique

      Thank You LeRique!!!!
      Will eat to our heart's content next week up there!!!

    2. Closed Mon Tues and Wed for the rest of the season. I think she's open until Thanksgiving.

      1. We visited Dot's about ten days ago, and it was FANTASTIC!

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        1. re: BernieBrewer

          pse tell us more; what are some of the top pics? things aren't too sweet and all confectioner's sugar w/ margerine/crisco?

          1. re: BernieBrewer

            We have them make us a blueberry pie every time we go there(which is once a year during the Fall).
            Best blueberry pie we've ever had.
            Not cheap mind you ($18)but worth every penny.
            The turnovers were great also as were the blueberry muffins.
            The folks who run Dot's are wonderful too;you feel like you've known them all your life when you got Dot's
            They're friendly,helpful with suggstions for the area,ect....and on top of all this your get great pies and muffins and coffee.