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Aug 26, 2012 01:05 PM

Roasting Bell Peppers - paper or plastic

I have always understood that after one roasts bell peppers they are to be put in a paper bag to cool. Our son, when he does it, wraps the peppers in poly film or puts them in plastic bags. I think that this is heresy because the peppers come out soggy. I have come searching for the truth.

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  1. I figured you wanted the moisture effect so that the charred skin would slip off easily. I roast mine in a half jelly roll pan and put the tin pan ontop when they are roasted.

    1. I put them in a bowl and cover the bowl with plastic wrap. I copied this technique from Alton Brown ("I'm Only Here For The Food", 2nd ed., p. 186).

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        After charring on my gas stove top I pop them in a bowl and put a pan that is on the stove top on top as a lid

      2. I use a paper bag, which can then go straight to the compost bin with the skins once I peel them.

        1. I put my peppers directly on the grates on my gas stovetop, turning until blackened, then wrap each pepper in a paper towel until cool enough to handle. Use the towel to wipe off the skin, helping to avoid overly red fingernails.

          1. I use a covered pot. I don't see how a high moisture item like bell peppers can become soggy. Mostly, though, I char Poblanos, not bells.