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Boston Edison Neighborhood in Detroit

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My cousin just moved to the Boston-Edison neighborhood in Detroit and I'd like to send her a gift certificate for a restaurant near her house. Any suggestions? She is in her 30's and would probably like a casual restaurant best. I had thought the Traffic Jam and Snug might be one option but thought I would check with the local chowhounds to see if there is anything they think might be better.
Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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  1. Mudgie's Deli is pretty close (not walking distance, but who walks in Detroit?), and definitely casual, with good ingredients. Tell her not to miss the soups and sides!

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      What an excellent recommendation! They have gift cards and are close by. She will love it!


    2. Closest destination resto to Boston-Edison would be Cuisine. A) I have had some really memorable meals there. B) My last meal was disappointing. C) Their website seems to be defunct. So I don't know what's up. But worth checking into. Mudgie's is a couple miles away but is owned by one of a good group of people to hook up with for newcomers. Traffic Jam is a popular neighborhood hangout for the Wayne State crowd, if that's what's bringing her there; not stellar but solid for many years. Mario's, very near TJ's, is a great slice of old Detroit. http://www.mariosdetroit.com/

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        I would be really, really disappointed if I received a gift certificate to Traffic Jam or to Mario's. Mudgie's is fine-- and better some weeks than others, depending on what Greg's cooking-- but prices are low enough that you'd want to be sure to get a certificate than can be used over multiple visits.

        Or, you might do a smaller denomination one to Mudgie's, and another to Green Dot Stables.

        I agree that Cuisine can be great or disappointing, depending on I'm not sure what.

        The next dates for Detroit Restaurant Week are in about a month. I wonder if it would be possible to buy a gift cert to that and let her choose which restaurant.