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Aug 26, 2012 11:37 AM

Culinary Decadence - advice on what to order?

Returning again for Southern Decadence (with a definite culinary emphasis), and it seems that weather won't be an issue this time (my past luck has been horrible). I've decided to focus somewhat on FQ restaurants, and to take advantage of the last few days of the Coolinary deals (and Antoine's and Pelican Club are running theirs into at least early Sept). However, I'm anxious to hear any recommendations of "must try" dishes or drinks at any of these places, even if that means skipping the Coolinary deal:

Thur lunch: Cafe Adelaide
Thur dinner: GW Fins (drinks first at French 75)
Fri lunch: Iris
Fri dinner: Muriel's
Sat lunch: Antoine's
Sat dinner: Bombay Club
Sun brunch: Elizabeth's (the praline bacon is beckoning to me)
Sun dinner: Pelican Club

Will be dining solo for all, so any advice on which places it might be better to sit at the bar would be appreciated. Thanks, as always!

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  1. From my visit at the beginning of August: t Adelaide I can highly recommend the Sweet Corn Velouté and Braised Pork Cheeks on the Coolinary Menu. At Fins you can't go wrong with the Scalibut, Lobster Dumplings, and the Sizzling Oysters. Elizabeth's is a great pick for Sunday brunch and that praline bacon won't disappoint. They put out a very fine bloody mary as well. We thought the gumbo at Muriel's was excellent. Consider a visit to the bar at R'evolution with a couple of their creative appetizers.

    1. You need a little more optimism. Hopefully you won’t be solo the whole time. Anyway, you may have some residual effects of the storm. Staffing is very difficult when employees take hurrications. Keep that in mind and be flexible. Have some back-up plans.

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        @Gizmo - I had never heard of Scalibut, but just googled it - it sounds great! Thanks for the other good advice. And Shane, all good points, especially the optimism! As this day has progressed, the storm is tracking to the west. I'm praying for New Orleans to come through it.

        1. re: ClevelandRandy

          I share your prayers and good wishes for the good people of the Crescent City, during this nerve-wracking time.

          Re: Southern Decadence, and the weather, see: