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Aug 26, 2012 10:22 AM

LAN Party Menu for Picky Geeks!

Fellow Foodies!

I have a predicament! I have to feed 10 gamers at a LAN party event

For those not in the know, a LAN Party is a gathering in which people bring computers, laptops, etc to a central location, connect them up and play multiplayer games. Other activities include programming marathons, upgrade and technical support sessions, hackathons, etc. Normally LAN Parties are good fun, but full of cheap microwavable rubbish!

I want to change that! The event is one I've hosted before (However we ordered in), it's called LANIFA (LAN In Formal Attire), and I want to cook up some delicious snacks to compliment the *cough* classiness of the event.

I'm trying to hunt down recipes that are big in flavour, and are enough to keep a load of guys and gals full of energy for a long night! So far, I have a big portion of Chili Cheese Fries (Using the amazing Cadilac Chili Cheese Fries recipe from the site which sadly no longer exists) and a selection of dips, chips and crudités.

Any ideas?

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  1. Is there an actual dinner break or more eat and frag sorta thing. I would do finger foods with kicked up ingredients. Sausage rolls but with a nice free range chicken and basil sausage, a nice cheese plate with some good goats cheese, brie, ...little ceviche tostadas, Korean street tacos. That sort of thing. The recipes should be easy enough to find.

    1. Go to your local deli and buy an assortment of salumi (Italian for cured meats, sliced sausages), sliced cheeses, buns, breads other than white, condiments, prepared salads, etc. that can be laid out buffet style. Get sturdy paper plates to hold sandwiches made from the buffet spread. Let the attendees construct their own sandwiches. Using disposable plates and tableware will make it easy on you.

      1. Well, Josh Finch, you have me giggling at the thought of black-tie dressed geeks wonking out with their laptops for sure!

        But, may I gently point out that chili cheese fries would not really GO with a black tie event? I can immediately see cheese and chili down the front of the white shirts.... Oh the horror!

        How about more contained items like deviled eggs, a cheese platter, stuffed new potatoes, a pot of pulled pork with slider buns, grilled chicken skewers with peanut sauce, etc.

        My 2 cents.....

        1. Mac and cheese in prosciutto cups, BLT stuffed cherry tomatoes, caprese skewers, the green olives wrapped in the cheddar cheese dough (I don't remember what people call these but every last one disappears from the tray!) blue cheese stuffed dates wrapped in smoked bacon and glazed with a apple cider vinegar and honey reduction, jalapeno halves stuffed with cream cheese and one large shrimp wrapped in bacon and baked until the bacon is crisp, crab rangoon, I could go on and on. I like little food.

          All of these work with formal attire- these are all things I take to our friends holiday parties where everyone is in vintage 40s and 50s cocktail attire. Nothing drippy!

          1. So what did you decide to have as comestibles for your event?