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Aug 26, 2012 09:19 AM

Butcher Shops

Just moved back to Montreal after 16 years. The butcher shop I used to go to on the West island is no longer there. It was in Marche de l'ouest and had a fake cow stcking out over the sign. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? If not, could you please tell me where the best butchers are in Montreal?
Preference in the Marche is too expensive. Is Maynard's still around?

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  1. Preference isn't bad, but since someone turned me onto Boucherie Epicurieux on Ile Bizard I'm hooked. They order anything you want, but you want to go during the week as the best stuff is gone by saturday. Just got a whole beef shank, a brisket, plenty of pork belly and the 51 day aged steaks are amazing (just really really pricey).

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    1. I think the butcher you were referring to was Sam's and he also had a kosher counter. Maynard's is off the 40 Lacordaire, Langelier. We go there quite often and the ground beef is very good. It is certainly not the prettiest place but the meat is very fresh. There was another thread on this awhile ago the post is below:

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        Thanks very much. I appreciate the info.

      2. Slovenia: I was there today, I saw two of the top chefs in Montreal buying their meat there. We were originally referred there by a third. Filet Mignon is amazing. Smoked meats of many type. INteresting cuts of veal, lamb, etc.

        Hungroise and Fairmont; Amazing smoked meats-6 different types of bacon-I love the "cooked bacon"-eat it as is, or fry it up for breakfast. Smoked ribs at Hungroise can be eaten as is, or cooked in an eastern European or spicy dish. Fiarway has great smoked meats, and a very skilled and expert butcher, but the assortment is not as good as Slovenia.

        In Verdun, Boucherie Viandan cuts authentic "kalbi" style Korean ribs (you have to ask for them). Also, $1.50 per kilogram for veal bones. Good looking meats.

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          IMO, Slovenia has fabulous sausages, but for smoked meats and prime cts, I'd go elsewhere.

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            Agreed. I don't think Slovenia smokes their own. Hungroise does-they are great. So does Fairmont Boucherie (2 doors away from Hungroise. These three are all within a few blocks of each other. The best filet mignon I have ever had comes from Slovenia.

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            Where is Hungroise and where is Slovenia?
            I'd like to check them out. Thanks for all your help!

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              3700 and 3800 block of Saint-Laurent on the east side of the street.

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                Thanks! I'll definitely check them out!

            2. My favourites in the city:

              French, in no particular order:

              Des Tours (Atwater)
              Adelard Belanger (Atwater)
              Du Marche (JTM)

              Italian: AGA on Jarry - take a look at the veal chops!

              They all carry different specialty cuts. As a natural product, quality will vary day to day, even at the city's best butchers. Not a question of freshness, that's a given - who the hell sells bad meat?. But quality of a particular cut in terms of aging, fat content and distribution, provenance.

              That's where you need to use your eyes and good sense - if it doesn't look delicious in the case, move on.


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                  I do like chez Vito on st urban and fairmount. Good service, they know their meat, will order with enough notice and take a genuine interest in one enjoying their product. Their black pudding (boudin) is better than a lot of other places, and I love how they will give me pig skin every now and again, fantastic with a pork roast. I like to pop it on top of the roast, scored and seasoned generously and you have first class crackiling to serve with the roast. Deadly on a slow cooked BBQ joint of pork. And the French folks don't seem so familiar with it, so a nice touch if they're round for dinner,

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                    I'd like to thank everyone for all their suggestions. I've always known that Montrealers are the best! Glad to know that you haven't changed!!!!

              1. Looking for an update - there was an article in the Gazoo about a new butcher shop that specializes in (very) well-aged beef, east end location.

                Anyone tried them, care to share a review?



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                  I assume you are talking about Le Marchand du Bourg (


                  Have not tried his meat yet (as far as I know)

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                    Thanks - yes, that's the one.

                    I wonder how his aged rib steaks would compare (quality and price) to what you can get for example at the 40 West butcher shop - I've enjoyed these in the past, although the size has gotten smaller (fixed price for a given cut), the cuts seem less aged, and the price has increased.