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Nicest Special Occassion Restaurant that is also Kid friendly?


I am looking for the Nicest Special Occassion Restaurant that is also Kid friendly? Any cuisine.

Thanks so much for your help!

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  1. How many kids and what are their ages/temperaments? Do you need high chairs? Is it an infant you can wear?

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      A well behaved 5 yr old that can sit through a dinner. Only reason bringing is for very special occasion. Thanks!

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        How long a meal are you planning for? Perhaps a long tasting menu is out, so you're thinking a la carte or prix fixe?

        How about Maialino?

    2. Primehouse is a very kid friendly steak house and can certain;y be special occasion worthy. You could try Landmarc TWC as well

      1. We took our daughter to Marea for the first time at 6. She loved it and they were great. She's also been to Keens a number of times and Maialino, but I don't think of that as a special occasion place.

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          I get special occasion from Maialino for sure

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            I agree that Maialino or Marea would be good choices. Both are bustling and a bit less formal and uptight than some of the fine dining alternatives. Last time I was at Marea, I saw a young child asleep in her chair while dining out with family late at night.

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              I recently went to Ma Pesce and there were quite a few young ones. The food is excellent and not stuffy

          2. Not necessarily fancy, but Craft has great food and I have seen kids there, albeit on the early side.

            1. I've seen quite a few kids at Ai Fiori, probably because it's part of a hotel.

              1. I'd bring my kid anywhere I wanted to go, without thinking twice about it. Everyone else can suck it up.

                1. We've been taking our son to many of the special occasion places in the city ever since he was old enough to sit still through a 2-3 hour meal. Probably first happened at about the age of 5 so I would say if your child is well behaved and can enjoy a meal set over that time frame, you will be welcomed everywhere. But beware the end result. Our son now expects to go pretty much any time we go to one of the fine dining places. He's turned into a huge fan of EMP. Developing some expensive tastes at a young age.

                  1. I took my 10 year old with the grandparents, the whole mishpucha, to Bouley for what ended up being a 3 1/2 hour meal. He loved the bread service and the guy filling his water everytime he took a sip. When he got antsy I gave him my iphone, not the best soulution but it worked. He loved the egg dish,duck and the cheese course. Yes son, as many pieces as you want. I say go to wherever you want and be respectful of those around you, as I'm sure you would be.

                    1. As long as the kid has the patience to sit through the meal, I think most places will be fine with a well behaved kid. In fact, the best places will take it as an opportunity to shine.

                      My daughter started out at Le Bernardin as a pre-teen -- obviously a much different proposition than a 5 year old -- but she's an ovo-lacto vegetarian (I'm from out of town and great fish is a real tread I didn't want to miss). A plate of pasta, she asks? Sure. With a few vegetables? Tell us what your favorite vegetables are. Our of what choices? All vegetables. Next thing you know, there is a whipped up pasta prima vera type dish, with a somewhat exotic vegetarian broth infused with parsnips (her favorite vegetable) with an assortment of Brussels sprouts, green peas, asparagus, parsnips, and squash -- the very vegetables she named. All rather dramatically presented and damn good.

                      The story is just a quick illustration that shows great restaurants know how to deal with small issues and turn them into a memorable experience. But I think that the biggest limiting factor in your case will be your five year old's patience/attention span.

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                        That is a terrific story! That really demonstrates what really good service can be.

                      2. I read about this Korean restaurant called Gaonnuri in Thrillist. It isn't open yet though. It is opening in early September. It sits on the 39th floor and supposedly provides a great view. I will definitely check this place out. I thought it would be a nice spot for special occasions.

                        Thrillist Article