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Aug 26, 2012 06:19 AM

Rispoli Pastry Shop In Ridgefield

Hi all,
In my quest to find my husband THE Italian creme cake of his youth (see, I came across Rispoli Pastry Shop in Ridgefield. Has anyone tried their cake? I've come across several mentions of their lobster tail but not much about cakes...


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  1. I don't know if they make the style of Italian Cream Cake you looking for.....but I can tell you there is not a more well regarded Italian Bakery in the area and their cakes are excellent. ....I used to work a Country Club in the area an Rispoli was the bakery we often recommended for their Wedding Cakes. Even without the recommendation, Rispoli was often used by the parties as well.

    I suggest you give them a call and describe in detail what cake you are seeking. On the other thread a mention of Canolli cream was used, but curiosity and research suggests it's made with cream cheese frosting and walnuts. Either recipe, I'm sure they are very capable of making you a delicious cake.

    Some other bakeries you may want to look into are Palermo in Ridgefield Park and D'Anna in Garfield,

    1. If you can, take a ride over to Aromi di Napoli on Washington St in Nutley. Some of the best Italian pastries in NNJ.

      1. Two years ago Rispoli made the cake for my wedding and it was fabulous....couldn't find a better cake.....the cake was so good that every once in awhile I drive to Rispoli to indulge in their pastries and cakes. Their lobster claw is giant size and great; their cannoli's are fresh, and cakes are delish. I highly recommend it.

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          O... M... G! Best cake ever! I looked beautiful and tasted delicious! Thanks for all the recommendations! Now I must go back and try the lobster tails...

          1. re: Binha

            Can we assume you found the cake you were looking for? If so, please give us more details on how it was made.


            1. re: fourunder

              It sure was - and then some! Deliciously moist cake with alternating vanilla and chocolate custard, buttercream frosting and toasted sliced peanuts on all sides. Just perfect! Recommend fully!

        2. Speaking of Rispoli, aren't they opening a location in Emerson? I've made it a goal to get to the Ridgefield location in the near future (I've never been there) but Emerson would be a way more convenient location for me. If it's true, I just hope they don't yuppie the location up and sell goods that aren't as good as the original stuff for double the price because of the location.

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          1. re: zhelder

            Unlikely in Emerson, which is a pretty mediocre shopping town, not really a downtown at all, just a series of disparate little tiny and unattractive strip centers. Parking nonexistent. Westwood would be a much better location for this type of business.

            1. re: lemarais

              I saw the building where Rispoli is eventually going to exist in Emerson. It is right next to the Emerson Hotel. The sign was up too!

              1. re: Bosmer

                Yes, I can confirm this i passed by the spot last night and noticed it as well. Same signage as the original store.

                1. re: fourunder

                  Rispoli in Emerson is now open!

                  I just found out that they have been open since mid-September.

                  23 Emerson Plaza East Emerson, NJ 07630
                  (201) 265-4009

                  1. re: Bosmer

                    Thanks.....I've already been there a few times, but not in the last six weeks...same great products, but the selection seems less than what's available in Ridgefield. I'm sure though that they could handle any special order.