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Aug 26, 2012 05:55 AM

Delray - 50 Ocean - any opinions?

Isn't this the higher end restaurant on top of Boston's? I keep seeing gift certificates for sale, but wasn't sure if it was good.

Has anybody eaten there yet?

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  1. have only been there for lunch and it was fine. The view is great and I have heard that the food for dinner is pretty good.

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    1. My family had dinner for 8 there a couple of months ago and not a single one of us was disappointed. I thought it was far better than the food downstairs.

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      1. Met a friend from out of town a few weeks back and we had lunch here. It was really good. I had a salad with chicken and I loved it. Beautiful inside and the ocean view is fantastic. I would recommend it.

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          Old thread but had to comment. I've eaten lunch there twice and the food was very good! The view is superb! We like downstairs for sports and peel and eat shrimp (very nice size and tasty!).