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Aug 26, 2012 03:34 AM

Moscow Mule

My cousin recently had this drink in San Francisco. Is there any place in the Twin Cities where I can find this drink presented in the copper mug. It looks and sounds delicious.

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  1. I love a good Moscow Mule.

    The Red Stag has a Moscow Mule ( or did at one time), but I believe they use Jamaican ginger beer which contains pineapple juice so they get points taken off. I can’t remember if they use a copper mug though.

    I’d highly recommend Haute Dish’s Minnesota Mule! They use a copper mug and (non-Jamaican) ginger beer.

    Be forewarned, lately some places hold on to your credit card while you’re using the copper mug because too many rapscallions have stolen the copper mugs which aren’t cheap.

    Any other places around town that offer the Moscow Mule?

    1. I'd try Marvel Bar, Bradstreet, Cafe Maude, Eat Street Social and The Strip Club. All have incredible cocktail programs. I can guarantee they all offer a Moscow Mule, but I'm not sure about the copper mug. If you try any of these, please come back and post and let us know how it was!

      1. Moscow on the Hill makes one and it was served in a copper mug as recently as mid-May, but I learned from a waiter recently that customers had been "keeping" the mugs so they're served in a regular glass now.

        1. Yup, I had a Mule at Moscow On The Hill two Sundays ago and sadly it was in a regular glass

          1. When I was last at the W Hotel, they made a dandy MM - it was not in a copper cup, but, it was the best one I have ever had,.

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              The bar at the St. Paul Grill makes one in a copper cup, but I think they call it a Minnesota Mule. It's a good one.