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Aug 26, 2012 01:01 AM

long cook vs. short cook calamari: which has best results

I had a calamari salad the other day at restaurant and thought how great it would be to have it at home during the hot summers here. I've checked some older posts about cooking calamari for a long time and using a pressure cooker. Also, I've read of good results of quick cooking. For those of you who cook calamari often do you prefer tenderness wise long or short cooking times?

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  1. Horses for courses, I think. There are dishes that suit long cooking of squid and others that call for a quick fry. I tend to prefer the quick fry dishes as in "a la Romana".

    The problem comes when folk are not confident cooking squid - not believing it could possibly cook in a couple of minutes - so they end up cooking for several minutes and are then disappointed when it's chewy.

    Of course, something like stuffed squid is going to take maybe an hour to braise.

    1. For a salad, short-cook and shock. Squid can go from raw to tender in half a minute, and then to rubber in another couple of seconds.

      Slow cooking in a sauce takes about 45 minutes to go from bouncy to tender.