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Aug 26, 2012 12:22 AM

Chaat House in Sunnyvale (also Fremont)

Last week I stopped by one of the two Sunnyvale locations of Chaat House, pushed there by this post from “psb”.

I was pleased to see chana bhatura on the lunch specials menu for $5.25.

I ordered and paid at the counter, then my food was brought to my table. First, the dahi papdi chaat, $4.99, recco’d by “psb”. The papdi, crunchy fried flat crisps, lined the bottom. Moisten with a bit of dahi (yogurt), some cubes of potatoes, red onion, cilantro and sev were layered on top then drizzled with red and green chutneys. The sev seemed just a bit thicker, somewhat oilier, and offered more crunch than other examples. Though good quality, there was too much sev for my taste and not enough dahi. This seemed absurdly stingy with dahi. I liked that the chutneys were lightly applied and not drowning/sogging the crispy bits and the seasoning salt was subtle. Flavors and proportions suited me other than the scant amount of dahi.

The bhaturas were midway deflated when served to me, and flattened out quickly. But they were pretty decent with some very thin and delicately bubbled crisp parts and other areas thicker and chewier with a void in the middle. Not too oil-soaked, these had a bit of granularity from semolina.

I’d not been asked for heat level when ordering. The very soft Kabuli chickpea chana barely registered as piquant. Quite a mild, generic tasting yellow curry with no tomato or tamarind tartness that I could taste. Red onion, jalapeño chile and lime wedge were served on the side.

I won’t be ordering the chana bhatura here again but I would try some other items. Looking around the room, the maki ki roti sarson ka saag seemed to be popular and the place was full at the height of the lunch hour.

939 W El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
(408) 733-1111

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  1. Hmm, I dont recall them being stingy with the dhai, and I tend to be prickly about that kind of thing. Have you been to LOVELY SWEET at the ECR/WOLFE/FREEMONT intersection? I vaguely remember they had an absurd amount of dhai with one of the dhai'ed chaats.

    BTW, there is a Indian grocery in the strip mall across the street from SARVANA BHAVAN in S'VALE which has quite good giant SHINGARA for *50 cents*. Except for the carb factor, you could have a sub $2dollar lunch out of three of them. Chutney is good too.

    These have exceeded the previous best which was some place near HOLLENBECK/STELLING and ECR.

    There is also a new-to-me SF Richmond-style Russian/E Eur grocery next door (sausage, kvass, tarhun, snacks and sweets etc). Dont remember seeing any liquor tho'.

    ok tnx.