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Aug 25, 2012 11:05 PM

J-Bar-S Ranch Bison Store, Ukiah

On my way home from Clearlake today, I stopped at J-Bar-S Ranch on Hwy 20 (5 miles east of 101) to check out the Bison Store. I had noticed it last year, but didn't have enough time to visit, and made a point to work it in this time. Unlike then, the buffalo were not grazing near the road but further up the mountain, so no photo opps.

The store features a freezer case of various bison cuts, as well as dried jerky. I haven't cooked with my purchases yet, but thought it might be helpful to share prices. Ground bison was on special, reduced to $8.62/lb, usually $10+/-. I also bought 1/3 lb patties, $10.30/lb and short ribs, $10.25/lb. Rib eyes, chuck roasts, and other steaks and roasts were available too.

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  1. Saturday afternoon I drove by this route again. The bison were in the pasture fronting the highway and easily visible to passersby. I didn't have time to stop for a closer look.

    Here's the new website,

    And I noticed that J-Bar-S bison cuts were in the freezer case at the Ukiah natural food co-op in town.