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My wife, daughter, and I have quickly become fond of kalguksu, or kal gook soo, or whatever would be the proper English spelling of it.

So, I'm asking all you Chow folks... what's your favorite place for the chicken version of it?

So far, we've been to Olympic Noodle a couple times and Miari Noodle House. We thought Miari had better flavor, but unfortunately the broth had some heat and my daughter is too picky for it. They must throw some kimchi in it. (On a tangent, I'm not generally a fan of kimchi, but Miari's might be the best I've had. Here I'm talking about the kimchi outside of the soup.)

For those who haven't had chicken kalguksu... it's a relatively bland and benign chicken soup, but hearty and pleasing. The broth is cloudy which I believe comes from egg, but I'm not sure. The places in K-Town use quality chicken parts, there's generally some onion and I believe zucchini as well... and the star of the show, by far, is that the noodles are homemade. That's what makes the soup such a hit. The noodles are al dente and just really freakin' bomb.

In my view, this soup is up there with a good Jewish Matzo Ball, a Greek Lemon Chicken Soup, a Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup, etc. One of the better chicken soups on planet Earth.

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  1. You've not tried Ma Dang Gooksoo's version??? IMHO, it's the best rendition of kal gook soo, with the chicken being the best of the variations they offer, in ktown. I'm certainly biased, I've been going there since I was a kid but it's pretty damn great every single time.

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      No, I have not... and thanks to you, that'll be the next place we try.

      I should also mention that I liked the bean pancake thing we had at Miari. What's that called? Do you like those? Do you like Miari?